Xbox Game Pass exceeds 15 million subscribers

Xbox Game Pass has achieved great success, exceeding 15 million subscribers. The Xbox Game Pass subscription system, owned by the major game brand Xbox on Microsoft’s gaming side, continues to become popular. It was announced that the number of subscribers exceeded 15 million. Details are in our news.

A game service to the Xbox Game Pass system subscription service. Users are paying for their subscription service with affordable pricing for the month. This payment has the opportunity to play 250-300 games in the published system. A huge library was exhausted by Xbox, by incorporating EA Play into Game Pass. The future of Game Pass took shape when ZeniMax Media, which Bethesda Softworks is a part of, was purchased with a giant $ 7.5 billion deal recently. Below is our news of Bethesda.

According to the system’s subscriber data announced in April, the number of subscribers was 10 million. An increase of 5 million has been experienced since April, reaching 15 million. There is a big increase. Also, even if there is no system in Turkey with the opening of cloud Game Pass access to the library in the world of Android devices it can now be provided.

These moves by Microsoft are of great importance for the future of the Xbox brand. His moves are right that the number of subscribers of Xbox Game Pass has increased to this number. Available on both Xbox consoles and PC, Xbox Game Pass has become a system that serves 15 million or even more people.

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