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World’s First Electric Unicycle

World’s First Unicycle with Air Suspension and Electric Motor: V11
inmotion announces its new unicycle V11. This unicycle is the first product in the world with air suspension and electric motor. The price of the V11 is pocket-burning.
US-based bicycle manufacturer “in motion” has announced a unicycle with very interesting features. Named as “V11”, this single wheel bike has a feature that makes it unique. This feature is that the V11 is the first electric-powered unicycle to have a built-in air suspension system.

Developed by the inmotion team, the V11 has been developed to be used both in the city and in mountainous areas. With a power of 2200 watts, the single wheel bike reaches a maximum speed of 55 km / h and promises an impressive comfort to the users.
The V11, which has a double charging port, has a 1500 wh battery that can be fully charged in 5 hours. This battery provides up to 10 hours of travel (on average 120 kilometers). Besides, adventurers can climb 35-degree slopes with the V11 without any difficulty.

The developer team opted for a 3-inch tire on the V11. In this way, the engineers, who provide solid handling in difficult conditions, used an innovative design suspension on this powerful unicycle. This suspension allows the seat to move about 10 cm. Thus, when using the V11, you experience an extremely comfortable journey.
The advantages of the V11 are not just electric motor and comfort. The developer team has also done various studies to ensure ease of use and security. For example, there are both front and rear for other vehicles to notice you in traffic. Besides, the V11 has a system that prevents the vehicle from falling where you left it and resets its movement.

The V11, with all these features, is currently available for pre-order. If you want to have this kind of unicycle, the payment you have to pay is set at $ 1,999.


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