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Definitive solution to low Mbps internet

Definitive solution to low Mbps internet

Wi-fi xtra boost

You may have noticed that the internet you use slows down in the evening and generally when people use the internet heavily. The reason for this is that the service providers make some restrictions on the bandwidth due to the density.

The definitive solution to the slow and unscathed internet problem!
Naturally, wi-fi signals coming from the modem in a corner of your home are not distributed evenly throughout your home. At some points where signals have difficulty passing through the wall, the same problems may occur when there is no wi-fi or the quality of the modem’s signal distribution is not very good.

Definitive solution to low Mbps internet

An old engineer, bored of situations like this, developed a device called ‘Wi-fi xtra boost‘. There is actually a combination of two technologies inside the device. Wi-fi router and powerful amplifier. This product completely removes dead spots in the house. All you have to do is take the product out of the box, plug it in and connect your internet cable. By providing a high signal distribution quality, it will enable your internet to pull from all rooms of the house.


In addition, you can prevent a decrease in your internet speed when there are intense internet users, which we mentioned at the beginning of our news, thanks to this device. The product currently sold at 50% discount is $ 49. If the site you want to buy in Turkey in order to maintain that there are two or three days to deliver.

It is also worth mentioning that the device does not increase your 16Mbs internet speed. It prevents your 16Mbs internet speed from decreasing to 7-8Mbs due to signal losses and provides you with 14-15 Mbs speed.

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