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What is UAV and SİHA

What is UAV and SİHA, Which Countries Manufacture,Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) thanks to the developing technology
Used for purposes such as reconnaissance, surveillance, military destruction, spraying, firefighting, transportation.What is UAV and SİHA

Thanks to its remote control feature, it saves from many factors in the area of ​​use.

Turkey‘s domestic H to produce

Turkey first as the 2004 SSM and TAI in başlandı.2009 First Steps with the contract signed between throwing a big step for the first flight Bayraktar block gerçekleştirildi.ank 10 min in the air by being the first test flight baraşarıl a way gerçekleştirdi.ih in the first inning test in 2015 It was carried out successfully.What is UAV and SİHA

Bayraktar’s most powerful moves in 2016 in Turkey’s armed UAV process was presented as UAVs.

WHAT IS SİHA? What are their usage areas and technical features?

SİHA means an armed unmanned aerial vehicle. There are two types of sihas. one of them can be controlled remotely and the other is an aircraft that can be managed automatically with a determined flight plan.


-The body length is 6.6 meters.

The wingspan is 12 meters.

The total take-off weight is 650 kg.

The useful payload is 55 kg.

– Its maximum speed is 135 knots.

– Service altitude is 27,000 feet.

– The duration of stay in the air is 25 hours.


USA: MQ – 1 Predator / MQ – 9 Reaper / X – 47A

Israel: Eitan / Hermes 900

China: Pterodactyl – 1 / AVIC 601 – S

Iran: Karrar

Italy: Es Falco

India: Rustom 2

Pakistan: Burraq


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