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what is the industry and its types

what is the industry and its types

What does industry mean in this article? What are the types of industries? We will examine topics such as. Industry, processing of raw materials, energy resources, is the name given to all of the tools and methods used in creating these resources.

The industry is a sector that includes many contents such as the production, cultivation, and processing of products. The industry is also called industry. Industry and industry definitions are always intertwined. In some places, the industry is called the industry.

Industrialization, which started in the second half of the 18th century, has come a long way until today. Technological advances in the 18th century, such as the steam engine, the invention of transportation and communication, changed the world drastically. Thus, sectors such as automotive, textile, and technology developed with the help of machines that mechanized production lines.

The industry has become the most important factor in determining the economic level of countries today. Therefore, all countries have focused on industrial investments and allocated a large part of their budgets to industry.

What are the Types of Industry?
There are many types of industries, also known as an industry. The main ones are; food, construction, textile, cosmetics, technology, cereals. Technology, which is among the types of industry, is one of the main determinants of the industry as well as being a type of industry. Because the industry is a sector where manpower and machinery combine. With the production of technological tools, it changes in the machines used in industrialization, making people’s work easier. Therefore, technology, which is one of the types of industry, is an important factor used in industrialization, apart from producing and selling technological products.

We Can Collect Industry Types Under 6 Main Headings:

The basic industry, another name is the primary industry. It covers the nature-oriented industry type that requires less human effort such as agriculture, forestry, fishing.

Includes the genetics industry, poultry, cattle. It is the type of industry that deals with the reproduction and reproduction of plants and animals.

Light industry: It uses partially processed materials and is mainly dedicated to the manufacture of processed or semi-finished products to be consumed by the end-user.

Extractive Industry deals with the extraction of air, water, soil from the land.
The products of the extractive industries come in raw form and are processed in areas such as manufacturing and construction industries. Coal mining is an example of an extractive industry type.

Manufacturing Industry is the type of industry where raw materials are processed by human and machine power and transformed into products. The raw material is processed and turned into a finished product. These products are divided into two. They are called consumption and production goods. Products such as sugar and paper are included in the manufacturing industry.

Heavy industry: It is based on machinery and energy production. We can highlight metallurgy, oil, chemicals, and extraction.

The construction industry is the type of industry that plays a leading role in today’s city configurations. Many configurations such as bridges, roads, buildings, dams are within the scope of the construction industry. The construction industry, other
different from the industrial sectors. The difference between the construction industry from other types of industry is that the materials required in other types of industry are produced in one place, while the materials required in the construction industry can be produced in a different place and used in one place.

The service industry is also known as the service industry type. Today, the service industry is a type of industry that plays a major role in the development of countries. Sectors such as tourism, entertainment, hotel management are included in this type of industry.


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