What is Silicon Valley? Who is Silicon Valley?

What is Silicon Valley? Who is Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley is the capital of big or small companies that have been established until today. There are many companies in the capital of technology such as Apple, Facebook, and Uber.

One of the reasons why it is called the capital of technology is that many companies move to Silicon Valley to grow their business. It is an environment where there are huge enterprises and even makes many of the entrepreneur’s millionaires or even billionaires.
That’s why there is a movie called Silicon Valley.

How Did It Turn into a Technology Capital?

With the most decent definition of what we said, the environment that has become global with years of work and has achieved significant success in the world of technology. Why so many companies here?
The subject is quite simple: The region where Silicon Valley is located is very close to Stanford University, which is the world-renowned university.
Since his tenure, Frederick Terman has been building the Stanford Industrial Park by supporting students with a budget and establishing a link between the local businesses and the school.
Students studying in these schools establish their own companies in this region.

The spaces in the Stanford Industrial Park are leased to different technology and engineering companies and are even growing and expanding in a short time.
That is why many companies are established in this region and they have a value of 3.8 trillion dollars.

Where Is Silicon Valley Located?

Silicon Valley is the region south of the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California.

What are Engineer Salaries in Silicon Valley?

The average salary of giant companies in Silicon Valley ranges from $ 133,000 to $ 171,000. It is a very normal salary because many things such as homes and food are expensive because Silicon Valley is in a very important position.

Silicon Valley’s most popular companies are:
Electronic Arts

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