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What is Ping ms ?

Almost all computers are now connected to the Internet. Every day millions of users work online for business or leisure. The most important features of a network are known to everyone. However, the “what is a ping” question that is frequently asked on forums makes us question the value of information.

In particular, the internet speed must be very good in order for the people who work on the internet and consequently both games and business to perform their work more efficiently.

Ping is a command line utility written by Mike Muus in 1983, the Ping command sends a request to a specific device over the network. A successful ping results in a response from the computer that is ping back to the computer. It usually sends a 32-byte ICMP packet to a machine and waits for the same packet to come back.

Even today, as a result of the use of very old type infrastructure services in the infrastructure of many businesses, it has been much more in the background than Europe. Within the scope of fiber internet, such slow internet problems can be overcome by purchasing packages with high speed in line with budgets. This situation in the future should also change considerably. As a matter of fact, the internet speed should be very fast today, where most transactions take place online.

On this platform, again, it is useful to evaluate download and upload speeds separately. In general, when these two concepts are focused, one of the most important elements that determine the connection quality is the concept of Ping.

As a result, for a good internet connection, the ping time should be at the same low level as well as the upload and download speeds. Simply put, it shows how quickly a client sends a request to the computer server and receives a response. Speed ​​is measured in milliseconds.

What is Good Ping Response Time?
Ping is a signal sent to a host requesting a response. It serves two primary purposes: 1) to check if the host is available and 2) to measure how long the response is.

The extremely good internet speed is inversely proportional to the ping value. The low ping value also means that the internet speed is much better. In this context, the ping value should be lower in order to have better internet speed, especially for your online games, as well as any transactions you perform on the internet.

<30 ms – perfect ping; almost imperceptible; ideal for online play
30 to 50 ms – average ping; still suitable for online play
50 to 100 ms – slightly slow ping time; Not too obvious for web browsing but can interfere with gaming
100 ms – 500 ms – slow ping; minimal impact on web browsing, but will create noticeable lag in online games
> 500 ms– pings of half a second or longer add a noticeable delay to all requests; usually happens when the source and destination are in different parts of the world

Reduce Ping Value
In order to achieve a much better internet speed and to perform transactions on the internet much better and more efficiently with this speed, it is necessary to reduce the pin value. So what is the ping value? At what values ​​can the internet be used much faster?

It is known that online game addicts do much more research on the ping value, especially. People who constantly check their ping values ​​and consequently want to play their games better should have good internet speeds. The very good connection quality in online games is an important criterion for the games to be played much better.

The higher the connection speed and consequently the lower the pin value, the higher the efficiency of active transactions on the internet. For this purpose, you also need to constantly check the ping values ​​in order to reach the internet speeds you want and consequently to perform much more efficient work.

How Many Ms Should Be Ping Value

So what is the ping value that affects the internet speeds of people who are constantly dealing with the internet, playing online games or performing various projects on the internet? Which ping ranges have much more advantages over you and internet speed? As an example, a ping value of 1000ms is a very high ping value for gamers. At this point, the ideal ping value should be 25ms or less. When going above 140ms and above, there are much more problems in games. You also need to have less ping values ​​in order to reach a much higher internet speed and consequently to play games better and to do your internet work better.

You can explain the problems you are experiencing in the comments section below.

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