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What is Google Meet? How Can I Use It For Free?

What is Google Meet? How Can I Use It For Free?

Google Meet is a communication service providing video solutions designed for real-time meetings and video conferencing. Anyone can use the free video calling software to compete with Google rival Zoom.

The free Meet version has some restrictions compared to the corporate version. For example, Google Meet, free use, is limited to one hour.

Google Meet, formerly known as Google Hangouts Meet, is designed to allow lots of people to join a virtual video meeting on mobile or laptop at the same time and talk to each other or share videos from anywhere with internet access.

It is designed for use by businesses and other organizations and is a great way for colleagues not working in the same building to communicate.

A Google Meet organizer can share everything on their screen with everyone in a conversation, and any participant can join at any time and turn off their audio or video feed at any time.


  • Google Meet is a video chat service designed for students and business people.
  • With Meet, you can hold meetings in a safe and healthy way.
  • A Google Meet allows you to have 49 people on one screen at the same time, while higher membership tiers increase the limit to 100 at a time.

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