What is Energy
By encountering energy in many branches of science, we also switch to the potential of doing business according to energy. In this context, although energy is as important as possible for various sciences and sectors, it also appears with various subcategories.

So what is energy? What kind of structure does it have? What are the sub-branches? Energy is the ability to do work. It has a scalar size. Accordingly, in the physical sense, materials change their physical state by using only energy and consuming energy. The types of energy also show us that energy is active in many areas and it provides convenience in many ways to people in these areas. It is possible to use energy in industry, industry, electricity, physics, and chemistry fields.

What Does Energy Do?
The question of what is energy and what is useful for most people is actually a question that includes all the necessary explanations for energy. Accordingly, energy appears as the business potential of materials. Without energy, the matter cannot move from one place to another, move, or take shape. In a basic sense, it is possible to see the concept of energy in most sectors. It is possible to see the concept of energy in chemistry, electricity, heat, light, motion, and magnetic fields, especially physics.

Humans also cannot walk, move, feed, or operate other systems without energy. In this context, the role of energy in life is quite high. When we think of a world without energy, we come across a stable world. As a matter of fact, factories, industries, and industrial areas operate very actively with energy systems. The fact that almost everything in the world, especially human beings, moves and fulfills their functions is completely related to energy.

What are the Types of Energy?
What is Kinetic Energy?
What is the most talked-about kinetic energy among energy types? In which areas is it used according to need? In short, kinetic energy is a type of energy that substances with speed have. Examples of these include falling stones from above, running people, spinning wheels, and many more. Especially, kinetic energy, which is used in the field of physics, has a very important place among energy bases. Most types of energy support each other. As a matter of fact, heat energy also depends on kinetic energy. By solving such energy relations, we can actually understand how important the term energy is.

What is Magnetic Energy?
What is magnetic energy, another type of energy? Magnetic energy is a type of energy caused by the magnetic force released after the movement of electrons. The earth has its own magnetic energy. However, the magnets we use in daily life are also the best examples of magnetic energy. Magnets arise from the fact that the electrons in the atoms that make up the magnet are arranged in such a way that they rotate in the same direction, together with their attraction and repulsion force. Some metals are also magnetized by being affected by these properties of magnets.

What is Potential Energy?
What is the potential energy question is among the most frequently asked questions among energy types. In this context, potential energy is a type of energy that an object has as a result of its state and position. Accordingly, it is possible to talk about potential energy in a stretched spring, any object in the air, or an object suspended from the ceiling by a rope. In a sense, potential energy is seen in all objects that have the height or are compressed/stretched. Potential energy, which we encounter in physics, is a type of energy that people need in most fields.

What is Mechanical Energy?
What is mechanical energy? Mechanical energy is a type of energy that contains both kinetic and potential energy on an object. It is widely seen in chemical and physical fields and within the scope of the mechanical energy being used, both potential and kinetic energy of an object is sought.

What is Chemical Energy?
What is chemical energy used especially in the field of chemistry? In which areas is it used more? Chemical energy is the name given to the energy produced by different substances as a result of a common chemical reaction. Accordingly, objects in use such as batteries or heat/light are among the examples to be evaluated in the context of chemical energy.

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