What is Automationist

The person who can program the communication between the robots and machines in the factories and facilities established on the automation system and the production process with industrial software is called automation.

Technicians and engineer automationists should have a good command of the structure and working principles of electrical, electronic, pneumatic, and hydraulic materials in factories, apart from software.

Automationists design and operate the plant and the plant’s automation system using PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), DCS (Distributed Control System), and RTU (English Remote Terminal Unit) industrial Programmable Logic Controllers to operate the plant and the plant. As PLCs, Siemens S7200, or S7300 are the most used and taught PLCs.

Factory production is monitored with the SCADA (Central Monitoring Control and Data Collection) system. Automationists draw the Scada (operator panel) interface with the industrial software they write and integrate it into the system.

What a Good Customer Should Know
At the very beginning of being good automation, it requires studying in electrical, electronics, computer, mechanical, mechatronics, and control and automation engineering departments. We can develop ourselves as a Technician and Technician and become good automation. There are many examples in the sector.
Must have the ability to calibrate computers and devices.
Since programming languages ​​are generally English, it is necessary to have good English to reach a solution easily by reading documents and auxiliary resources.
Since he will make many numerical calculations in processes, he should be interested in mathematics and physics and be successful in these fields.
It should improve itself by following the sectoral fairs, seminars, and websites and being aware of the developments in the sector.
Know how to use and select electrical panels and all materials such as relays, fuses, protection relays, contactors, switches, etc.
Have a good command of the parameters and programming of sensors, drivers, servo drives, starter
He should have a good knowledge of electrical control and should read every project that comes his way easily.
Must know PLC, RTU, DCS, and SCADA programming of multiple models and brands, not being bound to a single brand. Program languages ​​that need to be known are Delphi, C #, asp, java, C ++, Visual Basic communication protocols, ProfiBus, ModBus, CanBus, DeviceNet, Fieldbus, Interbus
Must be careful, creative, analytical, and responsible.



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