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What is a Smart City? 4 Smart City Example

Environmentally friendly and technological projects are called Smart Cities to get rid of factors such as distorted urbanization, environmental pollution, and noise that are harmful to people and nature.

The concept of smart city, which is an urban development vision, aims to increase the quality of life with effective urbanization in public needs and information and communication technologies in response to the needs of the age. Each product in the smart city system has automatic control with different scenarios. In this way, each product designed is located in two parts as a panel and field material.

Many studies are carried out in smart city applications in big cities and many cities around the world. From Washington to San Francisco, there are developments such as environmental protection, energy-saving, and social space management with the combination of integrated systems such as traffic lights, electricity, sewage, and communication systems.

Smart city applications are carried out in harmony with the agreements made with private companies. At the same time, the implementation phase progresses quite easily with the support provided by the public. The first major issue is Data sources. With the accuracy of the data received and the application of the methods developed after the systems created with the measurements, very efficient results are obtained. The state receives assistance from private companies in obtaining and measuring these data systems. Certain data are revealed in line with the determinations to make accurate measurements, especially in entrance and exit areas, and shadows with heavy traffic.

Together with the common applications of the cities, the transactions to be carried out in the smart cities provided a special opportunity for private sectors to innovate with open data sources within the scope of common points. Satisfaction reached the highest points by advancing the applications in the form of communication between the city and the citizen.

Examples of smart cities that we have prepared for you are as follows:


Necessary investments were made with low carbon consumption in the city following the smart city concept. Data was published with solar thermal energy consumption, which is the first in the world. Besides, the charging infrastructure in the city has also gained momentum. On a large scale, a laboratory agreement was also signed for the smart city application in Barcelona.

Urban bus systems were organized in Barcelona to save time and energy. The arrival points of the bus stops were re-determined and the transfer information was conveyed to the passengers. In this way, the traffic lights turn green when the bus approaches. Travel times were thus kept shorter.


In the smart city application, Vienna set its Vision as 2050 and put it into effect as Roadmap 2020. Drawing attention with its works such as the Action Plan 2012-2015, Vienna revealed a vision by tightly managing follow-up processes after its studies. By continuing to cooperate with the municipality, it carries out stakeholder tasks in the city, such as planning and transportation.

Pittsburgh, Pa.

With its bold initiatives, Pittsburgh is a candidate to take a leading position in the Smart City. Thanks to its collaborations with universities, it has made access to cities open to everyone. Citizens’ crime scenes, such as emergency structures, are among the information technology companies have access to. Besides, with the city analysts established, positive thinking of citizens was also contributed. In this way, Pittsburgh introduced to the whole world how a city entered the development process with the data processed in smart city applications.

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong has 630 thousand vehicles with approximately 12 million people traveling a day. With the world’s densest transportation infrastructure, Hong Kong has a total of 2,86 km of road measurement. In the city, there are some examples of services such as road traffic information, route finding along with the smart road network.

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