What Are Town of Salem Roles?

Town of Salem, the deadly town of Salem, it’s important to be strategic and knowledgeable about what you’re dealing with. What Are Town of Salem Roles? We have compiled for you to answer the question.


Sheriff is one of the village investigation roles that gives players the ability to check for suspicious activity every night. In Classic Mode, the Godfather is the only role with detection immunity against Sheriff.

How to Play Sheriff?

Work closely with the Investigator and question anyone they claim to be suspects to prove their innocence or guilt.
If you find a suspicious target early in the game, don’t explain it right away because people will doubt your credibility and suggest that you are an Executioner.
Report your findings in your will every night to give people quick access to your findings when requested.


Lookout is one of the roles of a Town Investigator that allows players to watch each night to see who is visiting. You can see up to three people visiting your destination with names. But if there are more than three people, you will only know how many people visited him.

How to Play Lookout?

Keep your will up to date, as those who play Lookout are generally considered to be working with the mob.
Keep track of what was said during the day to identify possible goals for the next night.
Be sure to pay attention to all the names.


Investigator is a Town Investigation Role that allows players to investigate one each night and receive a message the next day containing the target’s possible roles.

How to Play Investigator?

Investigator is a powerful role in Classic Mode because not all roles are available so make sure you keep track of all the results you get at your will.
Compare your results with the list of dead players to narrow down the roles of players.
Always look for people claiming suspicious looking roles.


Jailor is a Town Killing role that allows players to choose a person to go to jail at night. Players must choose their goals during the day for the next night jail to be successful.

How to Play Jailor?

It is very important to fill in your will. Detail who you put in jail and what they claim each night in your will.
Don’t be too trusting and fast. Take a neutral approach until all signs come to an executable prisoner.
If there are other town roles that can only protect you, say your role.


The Doctor is the role of a Town Guardian that allows players to heal a person each night and ultimately prevent them from dying. The physician will be given a self-healing that will allow you to protect yourself from death overnight.

How to Play Doctor?

Save the ability to heal later in the game. You are unlikely to be a target in the first few nights. Wasting the ability to self-heal will hurt you in the late game.
Find approved town members as quickly as possible to avoid healing bad roles.
Keep quiet and avoid speaking your part. You are the main target of the Mafia and Serial Killer.


Escort is a Town Support role by distracting one of the actors each night, preventing them from performing their specific role.

How to Play an Escort?

Watch out for deaths after successfully role blocking at night. If there was no mob death after a player was blocked, you may have found one from the mob
Avoid blocking someone multiple times unless you believe they are in a bad role.
Keep the records in your will. If you try to block the serial killer, they will attack you, and having their names registered in your will can help you reveal them quickly.


Medium is a Town Support role that allows the player to talk to dead players at night. Although it is a slow-paced role at the beginning of the game, it proves to be important towards the middle / end of the game.

How to Play Medium?

Ask the dead every night if they have important information for you to pass on to the townspeople.
Say your name to dead players every night so they can knock you out of possible links and help narrow down suspects.
It is important to keep the discussion going and to maximize the discussion to get more information.

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