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The perfect hard work that robots do

The perfect hard work that robots do

Robots are known to perform very difficult tasks. They are used in many places such as physical power, chemical fields, radioactive fields. Some jobs pose a danger to workers. Robots are used more to ensure the safety of employees who perform dangerous and challenging tasks. Here we have compiled 5 dangerous jobs that robots can do for you.

First of all, we have all seen that robots are used in absolutely dangerous jobs today. There are very dangerous jobs, robots can do these jobs best. In the future, we’ll look back at when these things were done by people and how a person could do it.

1-) Lifting Very Heavy or Slightly Heavy Objects:

Robots are often used to lift very heavy objects. In particular, lifting items between 15-50 kg is very difficult, as expected. In fact, it is inconvenient for people to lift such heavy items. A strong person can lift 30 kg of weight. However, if he does this weight several times a day, an overly tired and progressively worsening posture can lead to permanent injuries. In this case, robots will step in and do the work you will do, saving you from great difficulty.

2-) High-Temperature Metal Mixing:

Today, unfortunately, there are some works performed by people, but they are definitely harmful. For example; This unsafe work, which we call furnace shrinkage, is the mixing of molten metal into it by removing all waste products called slag. In an article published by the Robotics Industries Association, it was emphasized that such jobs should be done by robots. Robot arms are manufactured from heat resistant coatings that allow them to withstand high-temperature environments. It is also equipped with specially made oxygen strips that they use to remove slag.

3-) Collection and Packaging of Radioactive Wastes:

Robots must make the use of radioactive materials. The reason; Unfortunately, it is impossible to use radioactive materials without risking people’s health.

4-) Repeating the Same Movement:

Robots can perform repetitive movements very easily. It becomes dangerous for people to do repetitive movements after a certain period of time. It causes stress injuries and many musculoskeletal system disorders as a result of repetitive movements. This is why robots are a way of eliminating such negativity… They do repetitive movements very well. They are not affected by musculoskeletal disorders.

5-) Working in Dirty, Dusty Environments:

We can say that the reason why some jobs are dangerous is the unsafe working environment. For example; In jobs such as industrial battery production, toxic dust that can be considered very dangerous can be produced if people inhale that environment. It is also produced in smoke and dust filled with hazardous chemicals in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. This is how robots come into play in jobs that endanger human life and save people’s lives.

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