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Voice command technology is great improvement

Known by the acronym Internet of Things IoT, the ecosystem is updated and changing day by day. One of the popular topics recently is the effects of voice-enabled technology on the IoT.

Voice-activated devices help people adopt the IoT ecosystem more. A person speaks an average of 15,000 words per day. Thanks to developing sound technologies, most of these words started to be used on machines. According to researches, around 53 million people in the USA have at least one voice assistant. Some of these assistants are smart speakers and systems such as Alexa.

Smart speakers are not the only voice command devices. Smart speaker applications can work on both smartphones and smartphones. In today’s world, audio systems are used in many products. Some of these are smart TVs, virtual assistants, or voice command platforms.

In the automobile world, the voice command feature has enabled IoT to be adopted. The process of integrating cars with mobile applications so that they can have voice-activated commands was carried out long ago.

New Types of Voice-Activated Applications

There are many new voice-activated applications. This technology is preferable for both basic consumers and professional use. The new application, which can be used in active devices for visually impaired people, is also a hope for the visually impaired. This voice assistant is transmitted with the word visually impaired to strengthen and transmit ties with the world, especially this voice assistant press for verbal use.

Another positive aspect of voice-activated technology is its virtual translation development. Thanks to the voice command applications with language translations, translations into different languages can be made and communication can be made easier.



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