Turkey will produce its own batteries

togg battery

TOGG (Turkey Automobile Enterprise Group), the world’s leading Li to Turkey’s Automotive batteries is one of the basic components related-Ion the battery manufacturer signed an agreement with the Farasis developed by.togg battery

A car battery will produce in Turkey in Turkey!

According to the agreement between Turkey TOGG and Farasis between the car’s battery module and pack the transmitted information to be produced in Turkey. The two companies, under the letter of intent, signed a comprehensive supply next to the battery cell, a joint venture for energy storage solutions for companies of Turkey and surrounding countries will expand cooperation was established locations. In line with these studies, it is aimed to establish a joint venture company legally at the beginning of 2021, after the final evaluation of the board of directors of the two companies.

togg battery
togg battery

Farasis Co-Founder and CEO dr.y Wang, “to develop electric vehicles using the advanced automotive accumulation in Turkey and to produce arms cooperates with plaster TOGG were one of the nicer steps we have taken our basic objectives of our inline. TOGG at the right time, right place, when the right job, the next big market, as we saw a more ideal region from Turkey, we would not think of a more ideal partner than tOGGer. this cooperation is beginning with that battery supply’re excited since it will turn into a long-term partnership. ” made statements.



TOGG CEO Gürcan Karakaş said about the agreement, “It is critical that Li-Ion batteries, which are seen as one of the basic technologies for electric vehicles, come to our country with a company like Farasis. This cooperation will develop in Turkey, battery electric vehicle battery R & D capabilities of our country has gone beyond producing “found expression.


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