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When we thought if there was any other life outside of the world, we used to think that it was just stories from movies that could not happen, but now the idea of ​​life signs on another planet outside the world has been put forward and how much reality it carries, here is the continuation of the article.

They claim that signs of life were discovered in venus was put forward by research conducted by Cardiff University in England. Although Venus is the second closest planet to the sun, it has been identified as the hottest planet in the world and is known as the world’s brother, twin because of its similarity with the earth. Phosphine gas, produced by bacteria living in an oxygen-free environment, has been discovered. Researchers have begun studies to understand where phosphine gas comes from.

Thanks to the Pioneer reconnaissance satellite that NASA sent to Venus in 1978, they found the traces of an ocean that covered 80% of the planet, in which case the idea that there could be life before or there could be living here emerged.

Professor of Cardiff University in England. An international team of astronomers, led by Jane Greaves, discovered phosphine gas produced by microbes living in oxygen-free environments in Venus’s atmosphere.

Phosphine molecules composed of hydrogen and phosphorus atoms were first detected by the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT) in Hawaii.

After the presence of phosphine was confirmed by the Large Millimeter Telescope in Chile, the international team of astronomers conducted a series of studies to understand where it might have come from.

Non-biological possibilities such as meteorites, lightning strikes, and various chemical reactions were evaluated in the studies.

As a result, the claim was made that there would be no other possibility but life.

It has been determined that research and investigations will increase even more.

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