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The world’s first indestructible material PROTEUS ..


A group of scientists from Germany and England produced the world’s first uncut material called Proteus. Proteus, which cannot be cut with the drill, water jet cutter, and similar tools, has achieved a new beginning in many areas.

Scientists from the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany and scientists at Durham University in England have produced protein, the staple of the world.

The material they draw inspiration from in this design is aragonite shells, this material is hard and resistant to breakage. Scientists say that this material they produce cannot cut anything.
Even if any tool cuts the outer layer of the proteus, the ceramic particles in the inner part vibrate, blunting the sharp tip of the instrument and the ceramic powder particles fill the gaps again.

Stefan Szyniszewski of the Durham Engineering Department likens cutting Proteus to cutting a jelly filled with ingots: “If you go through the jelly, you hit the nuggets and the material vibrates to destroy the cutting disc or drill bit.”

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