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The wallpaper that causes Android phones to crash

The wallpaper that causes Android phones to crash

The wallpaper that causes Android phones to crash, especially on Samsung devices, is more effective, here are all the details in our article.

From time to time, many smartphones may break due to some errors. These include serious problems as well as minor problems. Some mistakes are caused by a critical vulnerability, while others are for a very absurd reason. According to the news, the wallpaper that crashes Android phones has been discovered.The wallpaper that causes Android phones to crash

In the comments under the post posted on Twitter, it was stated that Samsung models collapsed.

Samsung found wallpaper crashes Who does not know how and who the wallpaper has been found. But this wallpaper crashes Android phones drawing very high. The error comes in two ways. While some devices start to flash, some devices go directly to the boot screen. Crashing on more Samsung devices

The user who tried a photo under the post stated that their phone was crashed. Moreover, among the devices that collapsed, there are current devices such as A51, Note 9, S10, S20 Ultra, and S9 Plus. Apart from Samsung models, a Google Pixel user has experienced a similar situation.

The wallpaper source that crashed the phones was also revealed. The wallpaper is an image with a  Google Skia color profile. It is possible to use the wallpaper after sRGB color conversion. However, it is unknown why the Google Skia color profile crashed the device. It is estimated that the problem will be resolved with an update shortly.

A Note 9 user also said how to restore the phone after making the official wallpaper. It is necessary to turn on the phone in a smart mode and take a photo with the camera. The phone needs to be restarted after the photo is made of photo paper. However, this solution doesn’t work on all devices. Some articles had to reset their phones.

We strongly recommend the official wallpaper. Sending the picture to other people and having them make the wallpaper can have irreversible consequences. is not responsible for any errors that may occur.

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