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The most powerful countries in the world

The most powerful countries in the world

The most powerful countries in the world, The most powerful countries in the world are also the countries that dominate the international media and diplomacy, are the most talked about, and affect the global economic indicators the most.

Which countries have managed to lead other countries thanks to their military, political and economic strength and the alliances they have formed? Which countries have more say in the course of the world? the most powerful country in the world

The joint research of the University of Pennsylvania and the BAV Group sought an answer to this question as it does every year. In the survey conducted on 21 thousand people from 73 countries, it was observed that while the United States and China took the lead, some European countries declined. the most powerful country in the world

Which criteria were used in the ranking of the countries?

The ranking was based on criteria such as the leaders of the countries, their economic weight, political influence, international alliances, and the strength of the army.

The ranking of the top 10 countries on the list last year has not changed. The United States was again the most powerful country politically, economically, and militarily, as it was last year. Slovenia, which is in the last rank of the list of 73 countries, was generally composed of small-scale countries in terms of economic and political influence.

So “the most powerful countries” Turkey in the work forming part of a research report in 2020, how did she? How effective has he been in the world? Which place did he get in the ranking? The most powerful countries in the world

Here are 20 countries that shape the world in 2020:

20. Sweden:

The Scandinavian country, which ranked 21st in 2019, climbed one place this year and ranked 20th.

Sweden is the largest country in the European Union in terms of surface area.

19. Spain

Spain, one of the countries where the Covid-19 epidemic was most effective in Europe, continues to rise. According to the study in question, the history of colonialism played a role in the source of this activity of the 23rd country last year.

Spanish football league La Liga started with Sevilla-Real Betis match after 3 months

18. Qatar:

Qatar is another country that rises to the top. The Emirate, which ranks 24th in 2019, has a very small surface area but is economically very effective thanks to its huge oil reserves.


17. Italy:

According to the results of the survey, Italy managed to move up one place compared to last year. One of the most important roles in this rise belongs to the tourism industry. At least 40 million tourists visit the country every year. Italy took place in Turkey.

16. Turkey:

Turkey’s globally not experienced a change in activity compared to last year. According to the study, it is in a uniquely central position due to its critical position between Asia and Europe.

Turkey took the field of cultural heritage that has the most points. Quality of life in the areas 37, 63 in the ease of starting a business area, Turkey’s overall average of 43 points in citizenship was given 35 points.

15. Australia

the ranking compared to last year in Australia as well as in Turkey takes place in the same places. According to the study, the country’s being a continental country plays a role in its effectiveness.

Giant forest fires killed 30, ‘clouds of fire’ 445 deaths in Australia

14. India

India, one of the countries that took off with its huge population and technological breakthroughs, managed to rise 3 steps this year according to the 2019 ranking. The country with a population of 1.4 billion is the world’s most populous country after China. Almost one-sixth of the world’s population lives in India.

13. Switzerland:

The European country, which is ranked 14 in 2019, managed to move up one place in 2020. Being one of the richest countries in the world, Switzerland has an important advantage with its neutral policy in international diplomacy.

12. Canada

Canada is one of the countries that did not change places this year in research on global effectiveness. The virgin nature, which extends as far as the eye can see, has an important place in the identity of the world’s second-largest country in terms of face measurement. Canada’s immigration policy is another factor that determines this identity.

11. the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is another country whose level of global activity has not changed in 2019. In the United Arab Emirates, which is on the path of liberalization among the Gulf countries, the constitution gives citizens the right to freedom of religion.

First commercial flight from the United Arab Emirates to Israel without diplomatic relations

10. Saudi Arabia

Preserving its place in the top 10, Saudi Arabia fell one place compared to last year. The country, which is described as the “giant” of the Middle East in the study, is the country with the largest surface area in the region. Every year, millions of people around the world travel to Saudi Arabia on a pilgrimage mission. Saudi Arabia is one of the countries with the world’s largest oil reserves. The country has reserves of more than 400 billion dollars in its central bank.

9.South Korea

South Korea, the 10th of last year, managed to beat Saudi Arabia in the global event this year.


Israel is one of the countries that keep their place in the global event.

The country, which has a very small area, is among the richest countries in the world economically. Tel Aviv is the focus of international criticism because of its uncompromising policy on Palestine.

UN human rights experts: other countries must oppose Israel’s ‘annexation’ plan in the West Bank

7. Japan

Japan ranks 7th this year as it was last year. The Far East country is one of the most technologically and educated countries in the world.

6. France

The location of France has not changed compared to last year. According to US News, the country’s global activity continues today as it did in the past. The influence of France, one of the oldest countries in the world, is seen all over the world, especially in culture, economy, politics, and science.

5. England

Britain continues to steer world politics. According to the study, London has an international impact both culturally, scientifically, politically, and economically. The decision to leave the European Union is a situation that is met with concern in the world arena.

EU Brexit chief negotiator: Britain wants as much as one member in trade talks

4. Germany

Although the most important country in the European Union cannot find a place on the podium, it continues to be the fourth country. The largest country in the EU, both in terms of population and economy, has continued to increase its influence on the world since the unification of East and West Germany.


The position of China, the world’s second-largest economy, in terms of global impact has not changed again compared to 2019. Home to one of the oldest cultures in the world, the country has the world’s largest population.

Beijing, which continues to grow economically, is one of the most talked-about and leading countries in international diplomacy.

Trump approves bill to sanction Chinese authorities for Uyghur policies

2. Russia

The struggle for effectiveness between Russia and the United States continues today, as was the case during the Cold War. For now, this ‘war’ is the leadership seat in the USA. However, as in the last year, Russia is again the biggest rival of the USA in 2020.

1. United States

The USA continues to be the strongest country in the world this year as well. The study in question defines the USA as the country that can give the most military and economic direction to the world. Thanks to the music, television programs, and cinema industry, the country affects many countries culturally.

Trump denies claims by his former adviser Bolton: he’s a liar
However, the commercial and immigration policies of the world giant, especially recently, are criticized by the international public.

The most powerful countries in the world

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