Technological Hardware

The invention and development of the computer

We see a great deal of recent technological developments. These technological advances continue. One of the most important of these is the computer.

The computer has become a device that will be identified with its name, where whatever information is obtained. The Invention Cemetery has been one of its constant since. Apart from that, it is more understood with the internet and continues to provide us many benefits.

When the computer was invented, it was the size of a room. Computers that can now be made small enough to fit in the palm of our hands are hard to invent the size of a room, but this computer was really big enough to fill a room. It is invented by the different machine. It was invented by an English scientist named Babbage. This computer was capable of logical calculations and storage.

How were Computers Originally?
The word ‘computer’ has a very interesting origin. It is first used in the 16th century for a person who calculates, that is, calculates. The word is the word at the same time as a name until the 20th century. It is used to do all kinds of calculations. The current use of the word is defined as programmable digital devices that operate with electricity.

When machines that could be called the ancestors of computers were invented, they worked very differently from the current working principles. The machine named ENIAC represents the most tooth form of computers. It weighed 27 million tons and was 167 square meters. Looking at these numbers, it is not difficult to understand that you are buying a huge machine. He could do four. It could also calculate square roots. The development of this machine has a very important place. Before that, devices that could be called computers were produced. For these devices, it would be correct to say the ancestor of computers.

The basis of the computers used in today’s modern age is George Boole, who is a mathematical genius and invented a machine that works with the 0-1 parameter. The system he established is continuing. This is a foundation for developing a system that can run fairly quickly and can do many operations at the same time.

When the year was 1980, a different computer system emerged. Thanks to this system, the computer industry started to emerge. This device takes care of the population. It has been very advantageous as it makes the census 3 times faster than normal. This warehouse name is passed as Mark-1. This device works semi-automatically. So it needs manpower.

The First Personal Computers
There have been periods of transition to mass production after the old mentioned computers. In these processes, large devices that can be operated quickly were acting as computers. These were generally machines that could calculate.

The first computer that comes to mind in the period of keyboard and other personal access; will be the IBM PC. It has an interface and the storage space is larger. It was presented in its most advanced form in 1947. This process. After ten, processors started to be produced. Today’s modern computers need to be produced. Now, from this store, it will go from being a calculator to pay.

All of the mentioned developments are stages of computer development. After these stages, the university exam Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak produced personal computers. They did this in Steve Jobs’ family garages. This is a very important development in history. Later, they will use the world’s most used and used computers under the name Apple. Until today, they have continued to produce with the most advanced technologies.

Do not continue to enter our lives from now on. In this way, devices that can be used everywhere will continue to be produced, which are getting smaller day by day. In this sense, the first device that can be carried was Osborne.

Osborne was working without a battery. So a reward was needed to use it. However, later batteries that could last for 1 hour were invented. In this way, it was the beginning of the devices used in today’s times.



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