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The city of robots is getting real !!

The city of Neom is planned to be a fantastic city that we are used to seeing in the movies, which will be set up on the shore of the Red Sea in the northwest of Saudi Arabia, on an area of ​​26,500 square kilometers.

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced that Neom will be the city of most per investors, where everything will be with robots, where there will be no traditional investment. It is planned that rains will be artificial sun rays thanks to the artificial clouds.


With the following information, even if the Saudi Arabian Kingdom is established in this city of Neom, the Saudi Arabian Laws will not apply here.

Forget everything you see in daily life, we will encounter innovations that we are not used to in this Neom city.
For example, the robots will be responsible for the cleaning and security works that will be met by architectural structures, flying taxis, artificial clouds, artificial sun rays transport, drones, and flying aircraft, and the difference in the education field will be provided with 3D images.

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