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The Biggest Plane Crashes in History?

The Biggest Plane Crashes in History?

Many people today are afraid of airplanes. But plane crashes are more, if not more, scarier than car crashes. That’s why we compiled

“The Biggest Plane Accidents in History”.

1-Malaysia Airlines Flight 17
On 17 July 2014, the plane crashed into a field in the Torez area, killing about 298 people.

2-Saudi Arabian Airlines Flight 163
On August 19, 1980, a fire broke out on the cargo ship of the plane that departed from Riyadh and immediately returned to the runway. However, as the fire brigade was too late, about 301 people died in the fire.

3-Turkish Airlines flight 981
On March 3, 1974, an explosion occurred in the cargo door of the aircraft belonging to Turkish Airlines due to low pressure. A total of 346 people died as a result of this accident.

4-American Airlines flight 587
On November 12, 2001, many people died as a result of the American plane crashing to the ground.

5-Russian Airlines flight 9268
On October 31, 2015, the plane crashed near Egypt. Approximately 224 people died in this accident.

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