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The best fighter jet in the world !!

 F-35 Lightning II-ABD

The newest fighter jet, the nightmare of world peace since 2006: Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II.

Technical specifications:

1- Unladen weight: 13.154 kg

2- Maximum take-off weight: 31.800 kg

3-range> 2,200 km

4-combat radius with internal fuel: 1239 km

5- thrust / weight:
_FUL FUEL: 0.87
_ 50% FUEL: 1.07

6-WING AREA: 42.7 m2

7-Internal fuel: 8.391 kg

8-wing length 10.7 m

9-length: 15.4 m

10-Maximum speed of the aircraft: 1932 km

11-Climbing speed per second: 200 m


-1 25mm cannon 4-barreled cannon.

Air-to-ground missiles:

-Lockheed Martin JAGM
-Storm Shadow

Air-to-Air Missile:

-AIM-120 AMRAAMAIM-9 Sidewinder
-MBDA Meteor

Ant-ship missile:

-Naval Strike Missile JSM
-Long-Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM)

Her bombs:

-MK-84, MK-83, MK-82 General purpose bombs
-CBU-100 cluster bomb
-Paveway series laser-guided bombs
-GBU-39 SDB small-bore bombs
-JDAM series
-B61 Nuclear bomb



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