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TEKNOFEST2020 continues with all its excitement.

TEKNOFEST2020, one of the few space and technology festivals in the world, continues with all its excitement.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Competition in Gaziantep’s Alleben Lake within the scope of the festival (under the leadership of ASELSAN); There is also a Model Satellite Competition in Konya Salt Lake.

The UAV contest, which will last until September 20, is also broadcast live on the TEKNOFEST YouTube channel.


                                                                             TEKNOFEST2020 IHA Competition / Gaziantep

So far, categories such as Rocket Competition, Electric Vehicles Competition, Robotaxi Passenger Autonomous Vehicle Competition have been completed at the festival.

On September 24, in Gaziantep, categories such as Flying Car Design Competition, Biotechnology Innovation, Smart Transportation competition await the contestants.

White hackers who will build walls of cyberattacks participate in the festival in the Hack Zeugma category.

                                                                             TEKNOFEST2020 Robotaxy Competition / Kocaeli    

TEKNOFEST, Turkey’s first aerospace festival.

Turkey Technology Team Foundation under the leadership of the Ministry of Industry and Technology; Turkey’s leading technology companies, public institutions, organized with the support of media organizations and universities.

Although it is only its 3rd year, it has entered among the world’s leading festivals, and both past festivals have attracted more than half a million visitors.

This year’s competitions have no audience due to the pandemic and Gaziantep is hosting the organization.

With the competitions held in various categories from primary school students to university graduates, it is aimed to improve the capacity of Turkish youth to produce and develop national technology.

More than 20 thousand teams and more than 100 thousand students applied to TEKNOFEST2020.

In addition to the largest university in Turkey to numerous schools and universities in Anatolia competition, it draws attention to the special attention.

Material support of 5 million TL was provided to the teams that passed the pre-selection, and a total of 3 million TL awards are waiting for those who are ranked.

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