Steam is on the agenda with an illegal game

The Sinking City

The Sinking City, Among the many other games released on Steam last Friday, The Sinking City attracted a lot of attention. The studio called Frogwares, the developer of the game, which received mostly average reviews, announced that The Sinking City was uploaded to Valve’s window without permission from its previous publisher.

On Monday, the studio posted a long blog post and video detailing its allegations against Nacon. In this context, Frogwares claims that the company purchased a copy of the game from a competitor store and then hacked it and uploaded it to Steam.

The Sinking City is still available for purchase on Steam

The developer claims it was Nacon’s third attempt to release the pirated version of The Sinking City. He said that the latter came after the company issued a 48-hour ultimatum.

The Steam version of the game has missing logos and UI elements, according to the studio. There are also various markings that have been changed in the version. When Frogwares examines the configuration files using its own encryption key and Nacon reloads the game it seems unchanged

The studio said in a statement on the subject; “To be clear, this is hacking, and if hacking aims to steal a product and make money with it, it is called piracy or counterfeiting. To achieve this goal, seriously skilled programmers must be involved. This is not DIY work for inexperienced people, this is done by programmers who are well versed with the Unreal engine.

The two companies have been involved in The Sinking City-related lawsuit since 2019. These lawsuits made the game unavailable on some platforms. The studio believes Nacon will try to release the hacked version of The Sinking City on other platforms.

Nacon addressed the allegations in an update on the game’s page. “We regret that Frogwares insisted on interrupting the release of the Sinking City. “It was Frogwares who came to Nacon to request funding for the development of the game, and so far, over 10 million Euros has been paid to Frogwares by Nacon.”

The Sinking City is still available for purchase on Steam. In this context, Frogwares states that Nacon will have to face “legal consequences” for his actions.

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