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Statement of the President of Azerbaijan Eliyev

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, morale ahead of Turkey in the conflict with Armenia gave but said that to participate in the operation.

Aliyev answered the questions of Russian Rossiya-1 television and accused Armenia of deliberately making up false news.

Ilham Aliyev, “Turkey is a stabilizing factor in the region. It is our sister country and our ally. From the first moment, he learned of the Armenian attack on world public opinion, the President and other leaders of Turkey and Azerbaijan immediately stood behind international law. Armenia has been occupying Azerbaijani territory for 30 years. Turkey, where there is another role. Turkey gives us moral support, and we also support and solidarity to the President of Turkey, we would like to thank the other leaders and people. news that the Armenian side to the conflict in which Turkey also participated provocative, modern words are fabricated news. ” said.

Underlining that Turkey is not the slightest evidence that he was involved in the fighting Aliyev “There is no need. The Azerbaijani army is ready enough to defend its people and land alone ”.

When asked about the claim that a Turkish F-16 originating from Armenia shot down an Armenian warplane, Aliyev underlined that Turkish F-16s did not participate in the operations.

Aliyev said, “You know, it is very difficult to hide things in today’s technology. You can easily detect this with satellites and observations. This news is another provocation of Armenia. Armenia deliberately makes such news. It tries to create the perception that both the Azerbaijani army does not have the capacity to carry out these operations alone and that the conflicts spread with the participation of third parties. “He said in the form.

Aliyev, “Turkey is not a party to this conflict is not participating, there is no need to.” He put an end to the Armenian claims.

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