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Spotify Hacked!

Spotify Hacked

Spotify Hacked, Spotify, an online music streaming platform with a wide audience around the world, was attacked and the account information of 300 thousand people was announced.

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Spotify, a Swedish-based online music streaming platform, has been hacked. According to the information shared by TechRadar, approximately 300 thousand account information was seized.

Spotify, a Swedish-based online music listening platform, was subjected to a cyberattack, according to the news shared by TechRadar. According to the information shared, the information of approximately 300 thousand users was also seized.

Spotify Hacked
Spotify Hacked

Spotify Hacked

The famous music streaming platform Spotify was targeted by hackers this time. According to the news shared by TechRadar, the account information of 300 thousand people using the platform was stolen. Apart from these accounts, a total of 300 million accounts using Spotify are also at risk. So what should be done in such a situation?

According to the shared report, the Spotify database, where thousands of accounts were captured from the credential filling section, which contains more than 300 million records, was attacked. The captured database contains e-mail addresses, passwords, addresses, card information, and other information, and a total of 72 GB of Spotify user data.

The accounts captured by hackers, who took advantage of the weakness caused by the habit of using a single password on many platforms, were usually Premium accounts with card information. Spotify officials asked users to change their passwords after the incident and not to use the same passwords on the other platform.

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