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Sony Wena 3 Released! Smart wristband

Sony Wena 3

Sony made its introduction to Wena Wrist in 2017. Sony, which looks like a smartwatch and is also known for its devices called wristbands in terms of design, comes up with an interesting form. The smart bracelet Sony Wena 3 went on sale in Japan. Here are the features and price of the Sony smart bracelet.

Smart bracelet Sony Wena 3 features and price

The giant company launched the third generation smart bracelet Wena 3. It is offered with straps that are thin and can be used in a stylish or sports style. In addition to leather, metal, and silicon options, these smart wristbands, which first appeared in crowdfunding, stand out with their elegance.

This technological device, which was also offered for sale in Japan, became the center of attention in a short time with its features, appearance, and stylish design. The mechanical structure, which is added in the design to capture the traditional watch look, turns the bracelet into a semi-smart watch.

Sony Wena 3
Sony Wena 3

Compared to the previous models, the smart bracelet is said to be 30 percent smaller and 2.5 mm thicker than the others. In terms of design, it claims the curved screen structure and also the durability in the screen part. It is stated that it will withstand a 90 cm drop.

It is said by Sony that an advanced version of the daily health check is also included in this device. “The Sony Wena 3 is stated to last for a week on a single charge. The metal version of the bracelet costs $ 314, the upper version $ 333, and the silicone/leather versions $ 228 and $ 285, respectively.

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