Software Development Life Cycle

Software Development Life Cycle, In general, softwares go through certain processes while they are being developed. This process, which is called the Software Development Life Cycle, provides better completion of software projects along with it. In this article, you can find the stages used in the software development life cycle.

The software development life cycle (SDLC) covers the entire process from the beginning of a software need to the development and finalization of the software. We can explain software development with a simple example.

Let’s assume that there is a need for a construction, a building or any other structure. At the first point, the question of whether the construction will be a bridge, a school or a house comes to mind first. On the software side, what is required from us in the project? What will be the nature of the project? What kind of product should the resulting software be? An ERP software? Should it be a web or e-commerce site? After deciding what type of building the construction is; The excavation company and construction company to do this work step in. On the one hand, many more details such as decoration should be considered in detail to the end of the building.

At this point, if we associate the construction processes of the software with the construction; All requirements are in fact the main objective to ensure that the concrete does not freeze while construction is in progress, that is, it can be continuously reused. In software development processes and models, it is essential to keep the written codes running as in the concrete example. Continuous integration should also be done while developing software projects. Each new piece of code written should be included in the project, unit tests should be performed immediately and errors, if any, should be eliminated. The customer who wants the software should be involved in the event and by making feedback to the project; A specific purpose should be established in order to avoid problems with product output.

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