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The Low Visibility Environment (DVE) technology developed by the global aerospace and national security company Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) enables helicopters to fly safely in bad weather conditions with low visibility.

SNC, owned by Eren and Fatih Özmen couple, developed the DVE technology, which is also used in US military helicopters.

DVE technology reduces the risk of crashes for civil and commercial flights when visibility is reduced due to adverse weather conditions.

SNC’s Chairman Eren Özmen stated that human life is very valuable and said, “There can be no greater tragedy than the failure to prevent loss of life in situations where a difference can be made even with the application of existing technology.”

Low visibility also has a serious impact on military missions. In the statement made by the US Department of Defense, it was stated that 58 percent of helicopter accidents and 52 percent of casualties during the Iraq operation occurred due to reasons such as fog, sandstorm, and snow.

It is known that rescue operations officers and emergency response teams face low and similar risks.

Using multiple sensors, SNC’s DVE technology provides pilots with visual flight support, providing a real-time and holistic view that allows them to analyze their situation more clearly.

Among the system capabilities of SNC, there is an assistance system for improving the risky flight conditions caused by unforeseen meteorological conditions in mountainous lands, as well as land and obstacle detection.

SNC’s DVE system architecture has a modular structure, the DVE system works to support both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. The system allows pilots to “grasp the environment they are in” regardless of time and place.

The US Department of Defense has agreed with SNC to produce the DVE system for many of its helicopter programs.

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