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Radiation level found on the moon

Radiation level on the moon revealed

The US, which wants to return to the Moon in the next 10 years, continues its research. Astronauts going to the moon have a problem, radiation. It is said that the biggest health problems that astronauts may encounter due to radiation will be diseases such as cataracts, cancer, and Alzheimer’s. Although it is thought that a few days planned to be spent a month will not cause much trouble for the human body, exposure to radiation can be dangerous. Now, the radiation level on the Moon has been revealed.

In previous lunar missions, radiation measurements were not taken. Now, studies on this subject are being carried on persistently.

Radiation level on the moon revealed

The results of the work carried out in 2019 by a team of Chinese and Germans emerged recently. In the tests conducted for the Apollo missions at that time, it was stated that the amount of radiation on the Moon would not harm the human body for a few days. However, the amount of radiation on the Moon’s surface was unknown for a while.

Radiation level on the moon revealed
Radiation level on the moon revealed


Radiation levels on the moon are on average 2-3 times higher than the International Space Station. According to these figures, the duration of a person’s stay on the Moon is limited to two months considering the arrival and departure times. This radiation is caused by neutrons from galactic space rays, gamma rays, solar flares, and interactions between space radiation and lunar soil.

The Sievert unit is used to measure the amount absorbed by the human body. According to this research, being on the Moon is equivalent to being exposed to 1,369 microsievert radiation a day.

The International Space Station is protected by the magnetosphere as it is not far from Earth. In this way, people at the station are not exposed to radiation. Always considered, an astronaut can stay at the station for an average of 6 to 8 months and fulfill his duty. The radiation level on the moon is 200 times higher than the Earth’s surface.

NASA aims to send astronauts to the Moon in 2024 with the Artemis mission and to establish a base by 2030. Also, NASA stated that it has a long-term plan for astronauts who will work and live on the lunar surface.





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