POKEMONGO did not listen to quarantine



As you know, Pokemon Go is a game that encourages players to walk for miles in the streets, parks, and just about anywhere you can think of. However, quarantine measures implemented due to the coronavirus affect the ‘hunting’ routines of Pokemon Go players.

Still, passionate Pokemon Go players do not stop hunting Pokemon, despite quarantine practices. In fact, a Pokemon Go player in Australia even risked breaking Melbourne’s quarantine rules and paying a fine to hunt new Pokemon.

According to the information reported, a Pokemon Go player who traveled 14 kilometers from Sunshine in the east of Melbourne to the city center was fined $ 1,652 for failing to comply with the quarantine practice.

It is not known whether the Pokemon Go player in question caught a Pokemon worth such a penalty, but we can say that Australia is taking very strict measures to ‘catch’ the coronavirus. In fact, within the scope of these measures, the police carried out controls in 4,366 points of the city on Sunday.

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