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NATO’s two grumpy kids france and greece .

France is one of the 12 founding countries of NATO, whose foundations were laid in 1949.

However, the perception that NATO is under the control of the USA constantly disturbed France.

Moving away from NATO since the early 1960s, France continued its general membership and withdrew from NATO’s military wing in 1966 and did not provide military support to NATO operations.

In response to this situation, United Bride had NATO’s headquarters in Paris moved to Brussels, the capital of Belgium.

Greece joined the alliance in 1952 along with Turkey, but with a difference …

Turkey has fought shoulder to shoulder with the United States Army in the Korean War to become a member of NATO and paid a heavy price.

Greece left NATO’s military wing after the Cyprus Peace Operation.

Today (12.03.2019) NATO’s 70th anniversary will begin to make efforts to leave in the lurch in France and Greece and Turkey at the summit.

Even France, Turkey does not want in NATO.

Whereas France and Greece both Turkey played an important role in the return to NATO’s military wing.

In his hand, like all members of a powerful “veto” card in Turkey, in 1980 the United States to Turkey some words did not veto Greece’s return to the military wing on giving Greece this date was again incorporated into NATO’s military wing.     


                                                Kehl-Germany (the hall in Kehl where the meeting was held and important decisions were made)

France’s return to the military wing took place in NATO’s 60th Anniversary Strasbourg (France) -Kehl (Germany) Summit held on 3-4 April 2009.

Turkey at the summit, the host country of the separatist terrorist organization television channels Danish Prime Minister Rasmussen, NATO Secretary-General, and the election of France’s return to the military wing again, he is not in good relations did not veto the period. While Rasmussen took office as NATO Secretary-General, France returned to the military wing.

Young people protesting NATO in Strasbourg                                                                                                                Who paid a heavy price for entering NATO Turkey, NATO’s operations in almost all the “put his hand under the stone,” and a country was providing significant support.
There is no such thing as the dismissal of a member against his / her own will in NATO.
After all, eyes will be on the decisions to be taken today (03.12.2019) at the 70th Year Summit, which will start in London, the capital of England …
It is a true, stable stance with Turkey in the NATO alliance, especially from France and Greece “more reliable” has repeatedly proven that it is a member.
From time to time come to expect from the alliance, unable to get the right support and attitude wounds Turkey despite the vital issues of some member countries …                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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