Mercedes-Benz EQS vision electric vehicle

Vision EQS, a sedan chassis type electric vehicle with 700 km range and 470 Hp power, which is seen as the pioneer of the Mercedes-Benz car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz EQ community, was introduced.
The pre-produced EQS electric SUV chassis is thought to be the forerunner of the Vision EQS and is planned to form the basis.

With its remarkable design, it attracts the eyes in terms of its lighting appearance.

Technical specifications:
1-Mercedes-Benz EQS is very assertive with 760 NET of torque AND 700 horsepower
2-They did not explain the battery capacity, but it is thought to be 700 km range with a full charge.
3- It has an acceleration share of 0-100 km / h under 4.5 seconds
4-Mercedes-Benz EQS manufacturers aim to fill the battery with 80% in 20 minutes less during charging.
and it is said to be equipped with a twin-engine.

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