Turkey’s new car TOGG

Turkey’s new car TOGG,TOGG (turkey car corresponding intervention group), After a 58-year hiatus MANY ŞİREKET AND ORGANIZATIONS FOR LOCAL CAR PRODUCTION IN TURKEY MET president Recep Tayyip these groups by Erdogan and organizations açıklandı. Anadol GROUP, BMC, ROOTS GROUP, Turkcell, Zorlu Holding, TOBB BY 25 JUNE 2018 DE TURKEY Otome could VENTURE GROUP SANAYİ VE TİCARET A. It has been announced that the factory will be established for the production of the automobile for 22 billion Türkish money in Bursa (Gemlik).

2- The battery structure of the vehicle consists of lithium-ion batteries. There are two different types of batteries, 300km and 500km range capacity with a single charge. it is aimed to work and recharge the battery and extend the range by 20%.


It is planned to produce two different engine types: 200 hp with 3-TOGG rear-wheel drive and 400 hp with 4 wheel drive.

200 hp 0-100 km acceleration 7.6 s 400 hp 0-100 km acceleration 4.8


It is planned to have 4G and 5G internet connection, so it is planned to make updates from the factory and to intervene remotely in case of malfunction. It has been announced that the vehicle will also have 3rd class autonomous driving specialties.




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