KONAMİ Esport school opened!

Konami Esport Ginza school, a Japan-based video game producer, which was announced last year, started its classes in September.

Export Ginza school does not only give students experience and training in the game. Esports team, an organization where players compete with each other professionally in tournaments, is progressing to grow day by day while organizing tournaments with such a high-ranking audience, and now Esport is defined as a profession because it is worth millions of dollars. Thanks to the awards that are being made, it is the dream of every young person, thus we see how developed a structure that includes effort and effort.

Today, many athletes were trying to achieve their esports career with their own means, they were trying to improve by playing games on their own computers, and now Konami has started to provide experience and training on how to become an esports player with the Ginza school.

Konami does not only provide information about Esports. The school Konami organized for the first time in Tokyo Game Show organization last year; Pro Evo offers hands-on training for baseball Powerful Pro Baseball, Dota, and Fortnite games. At school, students not only play games, but also learn how to create their own content, plan their own game activities, and even take English lessons.

Teachers who teach in Konami’s Ginza school are made up of real esports experts, so they can easily learn and practice every community that is wanted to learn about Esports, and the problems of the person about Esports are eliminated and a more experienced and more experienced esports player is trained.

Students can optionally enroll for part-time courses or one year five days a week. Full-time students take classes in two sessions, morning and afternoon. Classes start at 9.40 in the morning, there is an hour break for lunch and school ends at 3.10 in the afternoon.

The fee for this education is

Although Konami’s esports school sounds very nice, it cannot be said that it is suitable for everyone because the prices are a bit salty. At this point, it is necessary to pay 41,800 yen ($ 396) twice a week for coaching alone and 79,200 yen ($ 750) for a business seminar four times a week.


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