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Is WAR possible with hologram technology?

Is WAR possible with hologram technology?

In the digitalizing world, we see technological developments in many different areas that surprise us every day, most innovations that will directly benefit people’s lives. Is every product really effective on human life in this digitalizing developing world? When we consider this in many aspects, we cannot say that every product is beneficial directly, and in this research, we will provide you with information about hologram technology.

Hologram, a 3-dimensional image is obtained by converting an object into a picture with laser light, that is, by combining laser lights by reflecting two different lights. This image is possible with hologram technology.

We see the photos we take in daily life in 2-dimensional, it is possible to do this with 3D hologram technology, but these photos we make with hologram technology can of course show better than 2D images in non-repeatable images.

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What are the usage areas of hologram technology?

We thought where it can be used, of course, it can be used in many areas. It is used for security. There are many objects we use in daily life such as precious stones, toys, and spare parts. It is even used for entertainment purposes in many fields such as medicine, engineering, software.

One of its usage areas is that it is blocked with hologram technology in copy and counterfeit prints, so we can say that it almost eliminates counterfeiting. Therefore, its most important feature is not a technology that can be copied and scanned.

Is war possible?

Another feature is, which other usage areas can we create by providing the photos we mentioned in our article with 3D visuals? For example, there was a time when a news channel made live hologram news with 13 cameras. Is it used in battles? It may seem absurd when we think of it, but even if there is no gain in the size of matter with the transformation of a ray into a picture and its action, the human eye can perceive it differently and create a real feeling. As an object gain time and perceptual distortion, except for damaging it. There is no requirement that everything in the world can be won by gun or fire, but the use of this technology is of course quite expensive, so it is not possible to use this technology in a short time.

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