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Is Energy Production Possible in Space?

Is Energy Production Possible in Space?

Satellites in space are seen as elements of communication and security that have been in our lives for many years. With satellite technology, which has a very important role, the situation of people’s lives to develop on a large scale is also emerging. Until recently, there has been an effort to install a completely different feature on satellites.

Utilizing space resources can be an effective solution today, where energy consumption is quite high. By making use of a never-ending type of energy, the use of a clean and useful type of energy via satellites will soon be possible.

The main resource for generating energy from space will be taken as the Sun and this process will be carried out with solar satellites. The satellites that will have solar panels on them will be launched from 2020 and will be effective in meeting the energy needs on Earth.

A comprehensive study of Astrium, which is included in the European Aviation and Space Agency, EADS, can be put forward for the most effective use of a clean energy source. There will be no problems in the production of energy and sending it to the world.

Within the scope of the project that emerged within the scope of energy production in space, it was introduced as Space-Based Solar Power (SBSP). It was stated that the energy to be produced with this technology will be sent to the world by infrared laser method. With this project, which will benefit globally, a situation may arise where it is possible to transfer laser technology to the world instantly.

It is possible to produce energy of 20 to 50 KW, and it will be possible to feed both devices in space and different points on the Earth with energy. After a very economical transaction, such initiatives are also expressed as a new technology that will be put into use from 2020.

Creating an Energy Source with Space Mining
Shortly, resources will remain at an insufficient level to generate energy from materials existing on Earth. As a solution to this, humanity started to take part in a study based on obtaining raw material resources from other planets, satellites, or comets by heading towards space.

Resources can be created from elements such as platinum, indium, copper, zinc, ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, tungsten, iridium, antimony, tin, silver, lead, and gold.

The technology required to take advantage of celestial bodies, which are a serious resource, was reached in a short time. First of all, even in an S-type meteorite with a diameter of 1.6 km, it is possible to reach 20 trillion dollars worth of minerals.

It is also the case that these celestial bodies, which are rich in metal, are examined with technology beforehand and mining activities are started by sending the necessary mechanisms to the celestial bodies. In the following days, it will also be included in the most important fundraising activities of the world.

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