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IOS 14 operating system innovations !

Last June, WWDC (World Developers Conference) Apple regularly organizes every year and made a new announcement this year. Apple users have stated that they have problems with many issues. made innovation in the usage area

What’s new with the iOS 14 update

IOS now uses the android feature
Features such as a calendar, map, theme, clock.

App Library
It holds many applications together, thus providing ease of use.

App Clips
Provides payment methods in many places such as shopping malls, restaurants, markets.

In previous versions, Siri covered the screen. With this update, the flock is doing the commands we want at the bottom of the screen without covering the screen.

Video image or audio is no longer paused in video or audio applications, when we switch to another application, video and audio streaming is provided.

more diverse and rich roadmap

Search Screen
Notifications on the call screen are now smaller and easier to use

A new update and translation feature that provides privacy reports for any password or account leaks during safari navigation has been renewed.

Spatial Audio
This feature, which will work with AirPods Pro, brings the imitation of a 3D audio stream with iOS 14. Apple’s new technology, called Spatial Audio, offers Dolby Atmos support and offers us the all-around sound experience we have gained in the movie theater.

Car Keys
With this different and new update, you can use your iPhone as a car key.

On Whatsapp, you can fix your conversation screen at the top

People speaking different languages ​​will now be able to chat more easily

Default Applications
With Apple’s new operating system update, you can now change the default application for e-mail and internet browser. A life-saving innovation for those who use Gmail instead of the mail application.

Memoji: Face Mask
Apple users can now add face masks to their Memojis. With this detail added, Apple is trying to convey the importance of using a face mask to both its users and the people to whom its users will send their Memojis.

Enhanced Privacy
There are many innovations, such as location sharing account privacy

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