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Introducing the Artificial Intelligence Operating System

Artificial Intelligence Operating System

A US-based company named Veritone has succeeded in developing the world’s first artificial intelligence operating system. This operating system, calledAiWARE“, runs artificial intelligence instead of programs. Veritone says that using artificial intelligence makes it a lot easier.

With the development of computers and especially robotic technologies, artificial intelligence has gained great importance. Now, digital transformation programs attach great importance to artificial intelligence, and they make serious investments to hear the service they offer both less inaccurately and inhuman power. Investments made in artificial intelligence technologies, investments that have been trained are accepted as an ordering requirement of the taught upbringing.


Now, we will talk about a US-based company called Veritone and its work. The reason why the company spoke to our news is that it developed the world’s first artificial intelligence operating system. Veritone names the operating system that will steer artificial intelligence technologies as “aiWARE” and it seems that this operating system will appear with a progressive language.

Artificial intelligence
What does aiWARE offer to consumers?

Developing artificial intelligence related to an adjective and successfully controlling this artificial intelligence is a seriously challenging process. Here is aiWARE, to make sure it gets through this difficult process. Created artificial intelligence, this operating system can be learned, and the system now facilitates the complex operations of intelligence.


Operating systems used in computers and smartphones serve to bring together the hardware parts of the devices and run the commands. As a matter of fact, aiWARE for artificial intelligence technology is similar to traditional operating systems. However, in Windows 10, Microsoft Excel runs artificial intelligence in aiWARE.

Perhaps the best part of aiWARE is that it has some AI engines by default. In this context, consumers can use AIWARE’s engines for speech, text, voice, photography, biometrics, data analysis, data transformation, and much more. If you wish, let’s give a simple example in this area of aiWARE.


Let’s take all of the voice assistants on smartphones together now. Voice assistants have detected thanks to their artificial intelligence, categorize what you mean, and start to serve you. The artificial intelligence engine needed for these processes is included in aiWARE. The size is just to arrange and start according to your needs.




The drawbacks of artificial intelligence technologies are their complexity. Veritone, the developer of aiWARE, did not ignore this issue and developed a technology called Conductor to provide the easy possible artificial intelligence service to consumers. This technology filters the complex structure of artificial intelligence very quickly and in a cost-free way, enabling the use of the correct artificial intelligence engine.

The world’s first artificial intelligence operating system, aiWARE, seems to be exciting in many institutions and organizations’ speeches. Let’s see if this operating system will become indispensable in the future, or will companies working on artificial intelligence continue on their way with their own solutions?

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