Military Technology

ILTER Drone / UAV Detection and Prevention System

ILTER Drone / UAV Detection and Interception System was developed by Boğaziçi Defense Technologies.

The localization rate of ILTER is 90.45%.

While the system communicates with the remote control, it has full automatic detection, stopping and deception against drones using ISM bands.

Incorporating modern and advanced technologies, İLTER primarily detects the frequency bands used by the Drone.

After detection, the system identifies the direction of the target Drone.

The system then determines the payload signals used by the drone.

The command control frequency of the Drone, which is detected by the system up to 1000-1800 meters, is detected.

Finally, the system can land the Drone in the area where it is located or send it back to the region where it is commanded, according to the selected process.

ILTER can work in all weather conditions (-40 degrees to +85 degrees).


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