Hyundai Flying Car When is the release date

Hyundai Flying Car When is the release date

Hyundai Flying Car When is the release date, Hyundai is among the companies that “remember” the automobile industry. The giant company continues its search and frantic pursuit by planning a series of flying cars for ten years. Hyundai has given the date for the flying car.

Hyundai flying car planned to take off in 2028

Jaiwon Shin said Hyundai Motor Group is working on models that will carry five or six people in the metropolitan area and will develop a larger design to fly between cities. He stated that the company expects to enter the market in 2028.

Jaiwon Shin, head of the urban air transport unit, said, “People who are constantly stuck in traffic and have wasted time will understand how comfortable it is to move with aircraft, and then we will see demand boom.” said.

Hyundai Flying Car When is the release date
Hyundai Flying Car When is the release date

The automaker and his company want to bring new air to the transportation industry with flying cars and drones carrying packages. Morgan Stanley analysts and their case holders estimate that such technology could lead to a $ 2.9 trillion industry by the time 2040, and set even its most pessimistic value at $ 615 billion.

Hyundai, Uber Technologies Inc. He exhibited his flying car concept, which he developed in partnership with, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year. Before the company becomes autonomous around 2035, cargo of service providers such as Uber will be able to use these vehicles. Hyundai Flying Car When is the release date

Advancing, industry, and regulators should address questions such as what type of pilot’s license is appropriate for the use of the flying car and how to minimize the chance of an accident. New rules and infrastructure are required to ensure that vehicles do not interfere with aircraft and helicopter traffic.

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