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Hydrogen Energy! Hydrogen Energy use?

As you know, our world was formed as a result of a big explosion. All the beings that emerged with this explosion continue to be together in a certain order. In this order, the world is divided into layers both towards the sky and into itself, namely magma.

We humans, on the other hand, are only in the position of living on earth, using these magnificent beauties day by day, and unfortunately, harming the unique nature with technology to a large extent. People, animals, plants, and with the progress of science, the smallest cell and the smallest building block of matter have been reached. Throughout history, human beings have always been in search of, finding, and discovering things, and this desire to discover continues exponentially today. Now we will talk about a subject that will make you feel this indispensable sense of discovery in your bones: Electricity generation with hydrogen energy.

An Overview of the Hydrogen Element
What do you think of if I say solid, liquid, and gas? These three concepts, which we continue to hear from middle school science classes to university desks and even in our business life, mean states of matter. We live and see these three concepts in everything from the water we drink to the air we breathe and the soil we step on. Here, hydrogen is included in one of these three concepts: gas. Hydrogen, which is 14.4% lighter and non-toxic than air, was discovered by T. Von Hohenheim (aka Paracelsus) in the early 1500s after reacting acids with metals. By the 1700s, it was realized that it could burn and it was announced that the universe was the main energy source.

Hydrogen, which has a simpler structure than other elements rather than a complex structure, is the element with the highest energy content among all known fuels. If we say that the hydrogen element, which is colorless and odorless, cannot be found in nature alone, we would not give you false information. Hydrogen, which is mostly in water, has 1 electron and 1 proton. The hydrogen element is very efficient. To give an example briefly, when we consider natural gas and petroleum, 1 kg of hydrogen corresponds to 2.1 kg of natural gas and 2.8 kg of oil when compared in terms of their weight.

This element, which is both light and has high energy, does not harm the environment in any way while separating from its components. This element, where the production of harmful chemicals is zero, is widely used in many areas and will continue to be used.

Electricity Generation with Hydrogen Energy
Solar energy is used to reveal the energy of the hydrogen element that provides high heat. Hydrogen energy is fuel created by the sun. So solar energy is used to separate hydrogen from its other components. The resulting hydrogen fuel is a clean fuel that can give energy forever. We can say that it is more expensive than other fuels due to its high heat.

Being a renewable energy source, this element is considered by many scientists and technology giants to have the potential to meet all the energy of the future world. Since it will be needed especially in the field of transportation, research and development studies have had a great impact. Scientists and intellectuals working day and night for the future of humanity and the world have focused on converting hydrogen energy into electrical energy. Electricity generation from hydrogen energy, which is both more effective, more efficient, and more useful in energy systems, is roughly formed by combining hydrogen and oxygen.

These substances, which react chemically with the substance called a hydrogen fuel cell, will ensure electricity generation and electrical energy will continue to exist as long as hydrogen continues to exist. Thanks to the fuel cell made of hydrogen energy, which is extremely safe, fuel cell power plants have been established.

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