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Huawei detonated the bomb after Trump!

Huawei new license

Huawei’s new license, Huawei allegedly made a deal with Qualcomm to solve the problem in the supply chain.

Huawei is currently unable to manufacture HiSilicon processors due to US trade restrictions on China. This is why the company has to turn to other providers such as MediaTek. Qualcomm is allegedly licensed to supply materials to Huawei, according to a new report from China today.

Huawei new license
Huawei new license

Huawei continues to make new license agreements!

While dealing with Huawei’s supply problems, we mentioned in recent news that it plans to sell its sub-brand Honor to save these problems. To summarize, we said that Huawei’s sub-brand Honor was negotiated to sell it to a consortium led by Digital China for $ 15 billion.

According to the report released today, Qualcomm must take Honor’s burden off its shoulders to be able to meet Huawei’s supply-demand. Because Qualcomm does not have enough production capacity for both Huawei-branded smartphones and Honor-branded smartphones.


If talks yield results and Huawei reports that it sold Honor for $ 15 billion to Digital China, the situation may change. However, Qualcomm has another problem. Due to the tension between the USA and China, it needs a special license to work with Huawei. For now, there has been no official development regarding this license, but it is expected that this agreement will be officially reflected in the future.

With Huawei venturing to sell the on-the-rise Honor brand, the company’s manufacturing problems are estimated to be enormous. If it continues in this way, it is said that the company will experience a disruption in smartphone production in 2021.

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