How Much UK software engineer salary

UK Software engineers salaries in the UK are really curious, because software engineering salaries are very different in many countries. That’s why we’ve compiled for you which software engineer earns more in the UK.

UK software engineer salaries generally increase with experience, so the salary of a software engineer working in a small software office and a facebook office is different.

For software engineers in the UK, London is undoubtedly the epicenter of technology in the country, despite several other cities competing for top positions. In this article, we’ll look at how much software engineers earn in London and some other aspects beyond salary that can affect your career decisions.

Votes software engineering salaries in London after Brexit
Investment in UK companies does not appear to have felt the impact of the Brexit decision, European investments in British technology companies reached a record high in 2018. Tech giants are also doubling the unicorn capital of Europe with Facebook, Amazon, Google. and Apple is investing in office space to accommodate the growing London workforce.

Resident engineer salary: $ 90k (£ 71k)
Blockchain engineer salary: $ 89,000 (£ 69,000)
Data engineer salary: $ 87k (£ 68k)
Machine learning engineer: 87 thousand dollars (68 thousand pounds)
Search engineer salary: 86 thousand dollars (68 thousand pounds)
Security engineer salary: $ 86k (£ 67k)
Natural language processing engineering salary: $ 84,000 (£ 66,000)
Game engineer salary: $ 81,000 (£ 64,000)
Backend engineer salary: $ 80,000 (£ 63,000)
Full stack engineer salary: $ 77,000 (£ 61,000)
Mobile engineer salary: $ 75,000 (£ 58,000)
User interface engineer salary: $ 73k (£ 57k)
Compared to other UK cities, London salary averages are undoubtedly the highest. Taken together with business and investment growth – not to mention a blooming tech ecosystem – London is an attractive option for technical talent in the UK and beyond.

There is no doubt that Brexit has created uncertainty for both companies and employees, but there is good evidence that London will continue to be a UK technology hub.

Cost of life factors
London workers pay better in terms of salaries than people in other UK and European cities, of course, very expensive in London.

Compared to Paris, where tech salaries are significantly lower (about $ 20k less in 2018), London rental prices are higher – but consumer prices for things like food are actually lower.

When deciding where to look for work – whether in the UK or abroad – remember to factor in the cost of living based on your lifestyle decisions. Factors such as eating out, getting on the train or walking to work will be factors such as how long you can extend your monthly costs and therefore your paycheck.

Additionally, consider ways you can make your profile more attractive to potential employers.

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