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How much internet do mobile games spend?

Today, the phone does not leave everyone’s hands from 7 to 70. The game world is developing day by day and about 79% of adult people play mobile games.
Many people who take advantage of this opportunity design mobile games and make them successful in the world of gaming.
It provides a great profit to the economies of many countries.

How much internet do mobile games spend?

Nowadays, internet usage of multiplayer games is very low.
One of the reasons for this is that the data transfer between the server and the client is done with new standards.

Which Game Spends How Much Internet?

1-PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile, one of the most popular games in the world, maintains its place very successfully. 6.3MB of the internet was spent in the match I completed in about twenty minutes on the Erangel map.
If we look at this statistic, it spends 20MB in 1 hour.

2-Clash of Clans
Clans of Clans, which is based on RPGs played by millions of people fondly, has conveyed it to us in many events such as competition and clan wars.
You aim to improve your village by using precious metals such as potions, gold, and dark elixirs in the game.
The internet quota the game spends in ten minutes is approximately 2.7MB.

3-Minecraft Pocket Edition
Minecraft, which we all played at once, spends 72MB in 1 hour.

4-Mobile Legends
Mobile Legends, a MOBA-style game, spends the least amount of internet compared to other games. It spends about 7MB per hour.

5-Call of Duty: Mobile
One of the games with the largest audience in the world is Call of Duty: Mobile, which spends about 1 deathmatch 5MB.

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