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How much are the salaries in Germany?

How much are the salaries in Germany

How much are the salaries in Germany? Salaries in Germany vary according to your status. Who gets how much we have researched for you.

The information we provided here was obtained from the website of Arbeitsagentür, which is, Germany’s official business institution. So we will talk entirely based on data.

In Germany, salaries are always said on gross wages. In other words, even when you deal with your company, you say the annual gross wages you want, because the tax rate deducted from everyone’s salary is different and everyone is taxed according to their tax class. Therefore, the salaries we will talk about here will be in the form of monthly – average gross wages. If you want to calculate its net, you can use this site.

If we talk a little bit about tax classes in Germany;

Salaries and Occupations in Germany
How much are the salaries in Germany? How are salaries calculated in Germany?

Tax Classes in Germany
Tax class 1: If you are single, widowed, or divorced and have no children

Tax class 2: if you are single with children

Tax class 3: If you are married and your spouse is not working, or your salary is much higher than your spouse’s

Tax class 4: If you have an equal or close income with your spouse

Tax class 5: If you are married and do not work, or your spouse’s income is much higher than yours

What is the average salary in Germany?

Let’s start like this first; As of 2019, there are 43 million working people in Germany. This 43 million does not include seasonal workers, short-term workers, and student workers. This 43 million has an average hourly gross income of 23.3 Euros.

When you multiply the gross wage of 23.3 euros per hour by the monthly working hours, it is about 3.930 euros. If we calculate the net of this; If tax class 1 is 2.400 Euros, if tax class 3 is 2742 Euros, if tax class 4 is again 2.400 Euros.

The minimum wage is 9.35 gross per hour.

Now if we examine the professions one by one;

Salaries in Germany and average salaries by occupational groups
Now, the averages that we will give here are the average salaries of the professions in question. If there are a total of 100 computer engineers in Germany, this is the sum of the salaries of 100 computer engineers divided by 100. This means that your salary may increase or decrease depending on your experience. Please evaluate it accordingly. And let’s say without forgetting, we got these data again from Arbeitsagentür and they are all monthly and gross figures.

Specialist doctors monthly average: 6200 Euro – 10.000 Euro

Family doctor on average per month: 6200 Euro

Normal doctors average monthly: 5100 Euro

Doctor’s assistant: 1500 Euro

Nurses: Between 2200 Euro -2500 Euro

Elderly caregivers: 2000 Euro.

Let’s just talk about it, elderly care is one of the most wanted professions in Germany. As you know, there are not many elderly ministers in Germany. Therefore, with the new immigration law, many elderly caregivers will be taken to Germany. If you want to learn the criteria about immigration law, you can check out this article.

Engineers: from 3500 Euros to 5000 Euros. Engineering is a very broad concept. You may think that all engineers have entered this lane. Of course, some engineering fields (eg computer engineering) earn more than other fields of engineering (eg civil engineering). But here, when calculating the engineering category, all the engineering was calculated together.

High engineers: Between 4500 – 6000 Euros. Let’s explain what a high engineer means here; Let’s say you are an industrial engineer, if you do a master’s degree on an industrial engineer, you become a graduate industrial engineer. If you do your master’s degree in a field other than the field you studied, you are not becoming a graduate engineer. So, at least when calculating the salaries, you can consider the graduate engineer according to this criterion.

Lawyers: 4000 Euros. You know, I’m a law graduate from Istanbul. But being studied law in Turkey does not allow a lawyer in Germany. Very soon in Turkey, attorney at law graduates outside Germany (ie registered with the bar association lawyer), which can work in the legal field will write in detail.

Judges: 4.500 Euros. Obviously, this is also interesting. Normally you know the salaries of judges in Turkey generally 3 times the average salary of a lawyer…

Dentists: 4,000 euro

Dental technicians: 2000 Euro

Pharmacists: 3200 Euro

Veterinarian: 3200 Euro

Pilot: Average gross 6,000 Euros. Frankly, it was a little bit less for us … But it means that it is.

Hostesses: 2000 Euro

IT: 3500 Euros. Let’s open this place a little; IT is of course a very large field. Software developers are also entering IT, Cloud experts too … And IT is by far the most demanded part in Germany at the moment. So if you are in the IT field, you can think of it as opening the door for 3.500 Euros. Especially if you know how to write code, you can open the door very easily from 5.000 Euros.

Teachers: 2600 Euros.

Journalist: 2400 Euro

Baker: 1800 Euro

Repairman: 1800. But this is a salaried mechanic. More beautiful if you have your own shop!

Electricity: 2200

Farmer: 1800 Euro

Architects: 4,000 Euros.

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