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Greece moves to a small turkey

Greece continued their provocative moves to Turkey, has shared a video pointed out that the Ministry of Defense.

The ministry drew attention to the fact that Turkish warplanes could take off within 10 minutes.

  Turkish F-16 Fighter Aircraft

In a post made by the Ministry of National Defense on social media, “The heroes and devoted pilots of our Air Force; They have the capability to avert the threat by taking off within 10 minutes when a threat occurs from the air and when sudden air operations are required.

From the moment the Turkish pilots received the instructions, it was reminded that they donned the equipment in 2.15 minutes, made the final checks at 3.20 minutes, started rouling at 6.30 minutes, and were in the air within 10 minutes 34 seconds.

  Turkish F-16 Fighter Aircraft

Greece had stepped up its provocative steps ahead of the EU summit to begin Thursday.

Greek crosses erected 15 meters high against the borders of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the President of the target area in the Greek press was thrown offensive headlines.

Meanwhile, the provocative statements against Turkey in Greek President Katerina Sakelaropul went to Cyprus.

President of Greece Sakelaropulu

Sakelaropul previously by going to the island of Meis, had made unfounded accusations in Turkey.



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