Germany Working Life Through the Eyes of Someone Starting a Business as a Software Developer in Germany

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Germany Working Life Through the Eyes of Someone Starting a Business as a Software Developer in Germany

Software Developers and Computer engineers have been making use of opportunities to work abroad recently. One of the most preferred countries is Germany. A Forum writer who started a job as a computer engineer in Germany shared his experiences.

My aim while writing this article is to make you feel how different work and life opportunities are from us. yes, there will be some german advertisement. I can’t advertise well, but my goal is not to advertise either. To explain to those who do not know that another life is possible.
From what I will tell you in a moment, you might think that I started as a Brazilian football player. Let me warn you from the beginning, I am a computer worker that starts to work roughly twice the minimum wage here.

I lived in Germany as a student for three years before, and then came back as a result of youth delusions. I regretted it as soon as I got back, but it was too late. More than 10 years have passed since, and this year, a job offer has made the way for me to come back.


I got an offer at the end of May. my contract was starting in September. Apply now but we have to do, not all of our full documents, despite all efforts to expedite the process in Germany my turkey out of the visa process by the company so we can enjoy calling it lasted more than four months. (normally 4-8 weeks) I am very lucky for the company during this period. because they have always been with me. They repeatedly conveyed that no matter how long my visa is, they will wait for me and I should not worry. however, this waiting period was terribly stressful for me. If the company didn’t act like that, I would probably cut myself off from stress.


The unit, which we call human resources, which does not do anything other than straining the employees and introducing rules that do not contribute to the work environment, making super boring organizations, almost acted (and still behaves) as my personal assistant and helped solve all of my questions. One of them was finding a house. ik (personalabteilung) sent me the alternatives he found. He went to visit homes for me and shared his comments. And he even went with the manager of the unit where I work, checked the fixtures of the house for me, and took the key to the house.

When I got off the plane, I went straight to the company to get the key. The manager of the unit where I work greeted me and told me to send the taxi and he would take me. We loaded my luggage into his car and set off. When he got home he took a suitcase, I took a suitcase and went to the apartment. the man showed me the whole circle. this is here, there is this here. he said see you tomorrow. I thought I had to prepare the documents first. When I told him he said we’ll handle it later, it’s okay to start tomorrow.

When I went to work the next day, my manager greeted me at the door. He showed me my room. my table was ready, my name was hanging on the door. introducing the city, informing about the nearby cultural events, walking trail, etc. on my desk. There were 20-30 brochures containing information. it was taken to the citizenship office for me and put on my table. Everyone in the room greeted me very warmly. They talked about waiting for me for a long time. then I went to ik. They gave me the necessary short entry training to start the job and got my signature. I got the information that “you and me” are spoken to everyone, including managers, as per company policy.

All employees who came to the room that day warmly congratulated me again. By the way, since I was expected to come before, my mail was opened in advance, and the mail with the theme “the king of Austria is starting to work tomorrow. we expect you to welcome him with a warm welcome” that ik sent to all the staff 1 day ago was also sent to me and every their attention to detail made me smile. I am not exaggerating, the environment is so good, the village of extremely cute people came to me that I suspected that my kidneys will go away at the end of this business.

My friends in the room gave me information that could help me with everything. They said that instead of eating out for lunch, they went to the market and bought ready-to-cook meals in microwaves or brought them from home and ate in the company’s kitchen, making it both healthier and more economical. I followed them as it made sense to me. We have a “kicker” break 2 times a day. In this heading, there is a terrible threat, contrary to the saying “when the Germans are served, they eat, when they come to themselves they do not offer them”, an example of which I have seen or heard gossip elsewhere. Twice a week someone makes cakes, cookies, and pastries at home. lunch, chocolate, wafer, and so on. If anyone pulls, he usually buys a 5-pack and shares it. Or, if the matter was worthwhile, I had Turkish delight while going. I gave a package to the room. 1 package also increased. I gave that package to an employee in another unit who came to the room at that time. he distributed it to everyone. Those who still saw me say Turkish delight was very nice, thank you

If we go back to ik or the personnel office as it is called; After 1 week, we went to the citizenship office (known as bürgerbüro or einwohnermeldeamt) and made my residence registration. Although my German was sufficient, a friend in the staff office of the company came together to help me. rather, he took me in his car. we got things done. then he made an appointment at the foreign office for me and my wife. we went there together. At that time my wife had a language course conversation. One hour after returning to the company, he found a language course for my wife. For some reason, we didn’t like that course and he made an appointment for another course for us. He went to another city nearby and met with the ex-pat association there to facilitate my visa. He bought the event brochures of that association for me and brought them to me. it has zeroed my hatred of the concept of ik for years. (I do not eat right here, the last company I worked for its turkey was a very good person, but this was a personal and a single case was it’s a small company.

To be both a bad psychological environment in Turkey in recent years both weekends were unable to read through a lot of dust because we toured a lot of work intensity. We were not exposed to any disturbing or behavior during these trips. Let me touch upon the curious point. Germany (at least west) is one of the least racist countries in Europe. but on the other hand, it is one of the places where there is the most prejudice against Turks and Arabs. In fact, it cannot be called prejudice exactly because many of them have had bad experiences with Turks. However, many of them are not hostile to all Turks and Arabs. however, their experience makes them distant.

Of course, this also depends on the environment. It doesn’t matter if you are Turkish or Congolese in an environment with well-educated, open-minded, left-wing, or liberal people. But this situation can make a difference among the average citizen. for example, you meet someone in an environment. the other party is very friendly to you. Germany finds out you came new “AAA, Welcome, I hope you get used quickly, Like, German’s very good, etc., the way you came from questions, turkey answer, half puzzled half-containing disappointed aa turkey Did you called and ending with the loss of temperature of the chat dialogue of many educated folks An event that happened to him in the environments he entered with the average German. (It happened to us at the flea market and the opera)

people, in general, are very friendly, hospitable and helpful. especially older people. For example, we saw the road from time to time while walking with my wife the other day, we dived to see if we could take a shortcut from here. After we went 30-40 meters, we said “Oh, there is no way through here” and returned. but 10 meters behind us, the aunt of an 80+ old couple “Are you going to the city center?” he asked. When you say yes, enter next to this building on the left. he described that there is a shortcut. Again, when I came for a job interview, the zipper of my bag was dislodged just as I was getting on the train. Seeing that I was struggling desperately on the train, again 80+ uncles helped me with the Swiss army knife he took out of his pocket and we fixed it together.

a rough tongue deer in german may be correct in terms of the notes, the timbre of the tongue. (I don’t think, but I don’t have a good ear) but on the other hand, the Germans speak incredibly polite and behave in content. Greetings, thanks, and requests make up 30 percent of everyday German speech. Two of the 3-4 words known to people who do not speak any German are Danke and bitte. If you ask someone who knows English at the same level, they will not know thank you and you are welcome. These words of thanks, requests, and greetings have come out in many varieties when they have such a place in daily life. (joke, joke, due to dialects and regional differences.) People who meet everywhere greet with a smiling face. bus driver, grocery store, aunt walking dogs on the sidewalk, government office officer, etc. Without a smiling face, you will not have a job in Germany.

I can feel myself like her heyday normally ox when employees are dealing with a lot like I mentioned above, trying to be polite and turkey on top of the standard. I felt this a lot, especially during the correspondence during the recruitment process. the sentences they make, their approaches, the details they think I might be uncomfortable and pay attention to, their efforts to help me, their apologies for not being able to help me anymore, etc. it always made me feel that I could not speak adequately. If you look carefully, you will see a lot of similar fine details in the German lifestyle. this is one of my favorite things about Germany and Germans. As a person commuting to work by public transport in Istanbul, 3-4 events will get angry every day, while there is not a single event in Germany for 3 months.

These fine approaches in business life, on the one hand, and gains regarding workers’ rights on the other, present a completely different environment. For example, when your probationary period is over, your manager cannot fire you alone. The only person authorized to fire someone alone is the CEO. Or let’s say you work in front of a computer and you need reading glasses. the company has to meet. One of our team had to be trained and take responsibility for emergencies in the company. When the manager asked this, the first reaction of the employees was “how many hours will we allocate and will the hourly wages be paid”.


Software Developers

annual leave has to be a minimum of 21 days. (my 30) is earned not after working for 1 year as we do, but after getting a job. In other words, you are on holiday in the first year you work. In this regard, I would like to tell an incident that I had experienced in terms of the difference in understanding. I started working in October. Until the end of the year, I had the right to vacation for 7.5 days. but he was writing for 10 days on the payroll. When I asked the German staff in the room, they said “there was a mess in the documents during the move, fuck it”, they said that my contract might have been calculated for an extra month since it normally started in September and I should not tamper with it. but I asked my manager anyway. The answer he gave took me from me. As it turns out, because I came for 2 days for a job interview in May, they added those 2 days to my leave because they took them from my life. I am a bossy leftist man. I wouldn’t think of it if I were the president of the union in this state, and if I tried to make up the matter in my ass to annoy the boss during the contract negotiation. the guys gave me this right without a request. On top of that, while the permission is not used during the legal trial period (6 months), if you do not use it now, it will be 40 days a year, it is better if you use it now. Thus, in my 3-month business life that passes 6 days with public holidays, I deserve 10 days of annual leave and spend the last 10 days on leave by using 4 of them. Even the first time in the company that I worked for 8 years in a couple of weeks I could not block holiday turkey. I quit with 40 days off. (a very corporate company with names on half of the credit cards) I left one of the companies I entered after I could not use my vacation. I could not use my permission because the other had a project. I left him with 23 days off in 2 years.

I think there is only one Scandinavian country to compete on social rights. If you are a permanent resident, even if you are not a citizen, there is a 1-year unemployment benefit (67 percent of your original salary) after 14 months of employment and social assistance if you cannot find a job afterward. In fact, you have this right even if it is not a permanent residence, but if you become unemployed with a work visa, it is a problem. There is free education (including university) and health. maternity leave up to 3 years in pregnancy, paternity leaves up to 1 year, state-provided vocational training, hobby course, etc. supports. Libraries where you can even find current periodicals and computer games (if you cannot find a book, you can request it to bring it), universities that provide real academic education without an examination, etc. there are possibilities.

Apart from work, there are two other points that I need to emphasize. one is public transport. It was like this before. now like this. There is no such thing as standing in public transport. you sit unless you want to stand. public transport constantly comes during hours. expensive compared to Istanbul in terms of price. but suitable according to the income situation in Germany. (monthly city ticket 70 euro, ticket including surrounding cities 110 euro)

The second point is the food. While living here 15 years ago, the thing we complained about the most was food. Now the variety and quality of food are so high that our digestive system is officially feasting. The quality and diversity in the markets that are bim/shocking to us. turkey Germany ran back the way out and away from this point forward. The most obvious food is chicken. What we eat turkey on the wonder of chickens Germany. If you are going to eat out, there is an incredible variety. In the city of 90 thousand people I live in, there are many good restaurants/restaurants from Italian restaurants to Far East cuisine. all of them are affordable according to the income situation here. I think the most noticeable difference in eating out is in pizzerias. wherein the gag street crispy thin crust pizza even when I topnotch quality with the pizza places in Turkey said I do not understand why so much trash in a pulp and printing materials that failed spice. When it comes to Turkish cuisine, sausages and tea used to be brought from Turkey by alamancı ürünlerk, and now the products ordered from going to Germany (see egetürk) and (see Mevlana tea) chicken and chicken quality of the returns had a major state of being in terms of abundance, both material. But the situation was dire in terms of meat döner and kebabs. I haven’t tried it since my last time but what I heard from left and right is that there are very good kebab restaurants. new generation Turkish restaurants are also successful. summarizes the food industry in Turkey and government employees at the lower part of the garbage and chemical feeding even fed us here is healthy and varied.

If anyone asks would you recommend me, I don’t think he should come if he still asks after writing this much. Let me tell you for those with language problems, it is definitely a language that can be learned. public education’s (VHS) language courses after 6 pm. So you can learn a language while working. If you belong to one of the professional groups that Germany is looking for, it may be tolerable not to know the language, but you should definitely show that you are willing.

Finally, a writer in Forum said ‘the country that reminds you that you are a human being’ for Germany. I think Germany is exactly like that. I thank Germany for making me feel such a feeling again. (for now, excluding the consulate and foreigners’ offices)

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