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Germany New Immigration Law 2020

Germany New Immigration Law

Germany New Immigration Law 2019 – Conditions for Immigration to Germany

Most of us definitely have a relative in Germany, and even most of these relatives left when Germany needed labor and accepted immigration. Since the end of these periods, that is, since 1974, Germany has only accepted citizens of European Union countries as foreign workers, until this June! That is until the new German Immigration Law comes along!

On June 7, the draft law “which enables the qualified workforce to migrate easily and removes the requirement for priority employment of German and EU citizens” was adopted in the German Bundestag. Considering that Germany has a 1.5 million workforce deficit now, we can say that it is even late.

So let’s talk about what exactly is Germany’s New Immigration Law 2019 and who can benefit from the German Immigration Law.

Germany is the new immigration law and what professions can you find employment with?
The companies had the right to take German citizens for the positions they opened, but if they could not find a German or EU member, they had the right to take you.

If we open the subject a little more, it is as follows; If you have graduated from IT, software, informatics fields or have work experience in these fields, job postings in these areas are evaluated differently and with priority, as there is a lot of need for employees in this field and they are almost not available in Germany. They do not distinguish the applicants as German, Turkish or Chinese. Even the visa you get when you are hired is more privileged than the normal work visa and is referred to as a ‘blue card’.

But if you do not apply to one of these “highly sought” fields or if your field is not listed as a “qualified” profession in Germany, there was a rule as follows; The companies would open a job, if there was a suitable German candidate among those who applied for the job, they would get the EU member if there was no German candidate, and he would only be able to take the candidates of other countries. This is what has changed with the German New Immigration Law! This obligation is eliminated, things are now easier. Employers no longer need to explain to officials whether this job can be done by a German or EU citizen in order to be employed by a foreign job applicant.

Germany New Immigration Law
Germany New Immigration Law

Immigration to Germany

Who can benefit from the German New Immigration Law?
That’s the good thing; All professionals will now be able to benefit from the German New Immigration Law. Your profession does not need to be from fields such as IT, software, or medicine.

Can I come to Germany and look for a job with the German New Immigration Law?
Yes, you can. The German New Immigration Law allows people who have a good level of German, have completed their university education, or have not completed their university education, but have a certificate of the profession to come to Germany for a period of six months and seek a job or vocational training.

If we go into a little more detail; Let’s say you don’t want to apply for job positions remotely in Germany and you want to get a visa and come to Germany and look for a job at that time; This is possible with the new law. Germany gives you a 6-month ‘job search’ visa and allows you to search for a job in Germany for those 6 months. But there are some conditions; When applying for this job search visa, you must have a good command of German (B1 to C1). He also wants you to deposit enough money to spend 6 months in Germany into a blocked account. So if we calculate the total amount of money to be 740 Euros * 6, the average is 4.440 Euros. Your deposit and link this money to a blocked account you will open in a German bank and the bank gives you 740 Euros of it every month.

The last criterion for applying for a job search visa is that you are a university graduate or have a professional certificate. In Germany, those who can do craft professions such as hairdresser, locksmith, carpenter, plumber are very valuable and also very expensive. Therefore, if you are working in a craft field, you do not need to be a university graduate, it is enough to have a certificate in that field.

Going to Germany with Germany’s new immigration law

When will the new German Immigration Law apply?
The German New Immigration Law, which was approved on June 7, will enter into force in January 2020. So only after 5 – 6 months!

Can lawyers, nurses, and similar professions benefit from the German Immigration Law?

Yes, you can! Of course, finding a suitable position for lawyers can be a little more difficult, but we have a long article about him here about Getting a Job in Germany. Come on here.

Which sites should we use when looking for a job in Germany?
In our article about finding a job in Germany, we talked about which websites you can use while looking for a job in Germany. We hope it will help. You can also check this site as a bonus.

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